Hi Everyone!

Here is a Fall foliage report. Last Thursday we drove down to Charlottesville, VA., for a wedding. Right down Route 15, to Route 29 to C-Ville. Right through the Shenandoah Valley, and just to the East of the Skyline Drive.

In other words I had a big view all the way. And not one speck of Fall’s colors. Not one.

Coming back Saturday late afternoon we took Route 17 up through horse country, Louden County VA., and exactly the same. No Fall colors.

Clearly this will change. And the rain, and then cooler temps on the way will kick this process off. But I am not sure that, even, this weekend will be the time to go see some of the new season. Might be mid week next week and the following weekend. I will keep an eye on this for you and report back when we get some eyewitness info.

Rain  tonight will be heavy at times, and tomorrow will start warm. But clearing skies will usher in a pretty good breeze, and more seasonal temperatures. Sunny and in the 60’s through the week, and into the weekend. Almost perfect Fall-like football weather for the Ravens/Dolphins game on Thursday.



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