By Joel Furches

At a certain time of the year, soup ceases to be an appetizer and becomes a main course. As the humidity goes away and the air gets a nip, soup is a go-to comfort food. Not all soups are created equal, though. In Baltimore, there are a few establishments that make soup their bread-and-butter.

Soup’s On!
11 W. Preston St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 528-1003

Soup’s On! has poured its heart and soul into the concept of a soup restaurant — certainly not the conventional model of a restaurant in the least. Describing itself as a “gourmet soup” establishment, Soup’s On! manages to serve a very fulfilling meal – from soup to nuts – all in soup format. It does this largely by using fresh, local ingredients and hand-making each bowl of soup. It even offers ‘desert soups,’ for after the main meal. Soups On! also caters to the dietary needs of everyone – offering hearty, meaty soups as well as vegan fair. Whether one has allergies or gluten intolerance, this restaurant is ready to serve.

Thai Arroy Restaurant 
1019 Light St.
Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 385-8587

Perhaps when one thinks about Thai food, soup is not the first thing to spring to mind, but soup is actually a staple of the Thai menu. While Thai Arroy only has two items under the “soup” heading of the menu, one can order the soup with their choice of chicken, shrimp, chicken and shrimp, or general seafood, veggie, or tofu. This allows customers to essentially custom-make their soup at the top of the order. The first of the two soups is Tom Yum – a lemongrass soup with mushroom and tomato which the menu describes as “spicy and sour.” The second soup is Tom Kha, which is a coconut galangal soup with fresh mushrooms. The menu describes this one as spicy and sour, also.

529 E. Belvedere Ave., Suite 1
Baltimore, MD 21212
(410) 323-2396

The historic Belvedere Square Market is brimming with quality establishments, most of them with products that have been prepared by hand for your consumption. Atwater’s is no exception, and with its cozy cafe vibe, it manages somehow to be part bar, part restaurant and part ice cream parlor.

Among the more popular items on Atwater’s menu is its Ploughboy Soups. A rich, hearty mixture, the Ploughboy soups Atwater’s serves are changed up on a regular basis, so that one can always expect variety. Recent flavors have included beef vegetable, and exotic new items such as Creole succotash with pepper, shrimp and crab. You can stop by and grab a bowl, but you can also order for takeout.

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The Red Boat
3 N. Eutaw St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
(443) 885-9162

The Red Boat is a Vietnamese fusion restaurant. This gives variety to both its solid and liquid foods. The soup of the day is Pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup which uses a rich beef broth as its base. The broth is then filled with tender rice noodles and your choice of steak, chicken, meatball, tofu, brisket, shrimp or veggie. The soups are seasoned with cilantro and onions – both white and green. The wait staff is very friendly, so expect both a warm greeting and a warm bowl of Pho at The Red Boat.

Baltimore Soup Company
3 W. Chesapeake Ave.
Towson, MD 21204
(443) 275-2325

No list of soup restaurants in Baltimore would be complete without the Baltimore Soup Company. In addition to soup, BSC serves salads and sandwiches, but the soup outstrips both in terms of quality. Soups are made fresh daily, by hand, from locally-grown ingredients. If you can think of a soup type, BSC probably has it, and the menu has new items on a regular basis.

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