BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The wife of a survivor of the Edgewood workplace massacre says her husband is showing encouraging signs of recovery just a week after a co-worker shot him in the head.

Radee Prince is accused of killing three people at Advanced Granite Solutions in Harford County on October 18. He is being held in Delaware where he faces attempted murder charges in connection with another shooting in Wilmington where he shot a man that same day. Prince will be tried in Delaware before being brought back to Maryland.

Amy Sosa says her husband has been moving his limbs and he’s about to get his breathing tube out, and she can sense that he wants to go home.

She says that he is her rock, and she wishes she could switch places with him and take away the pain.

“He was always there for me. I’m always going to be there for him,” Sosa said. “I won’t leave him in the hospital afraid and alone.”

Sosa hasn’t left her husband, Enoc, since first responders brought him to Baltimore Shock Trauma seven days ago.

“That’s how I keep my strength though, because I just, I want him to end up — I want him to see that I’m okay, so maybe he thinks that he’s okay,” Sosa said.

Enoc Sosa, a father of four, hasn’t yet spoken after being shot in the head at the granite business where he worked, but Amy has heard the chilling account of how Prince opened fire on five of his co-workers. Her husband is one of only two who survived.

“They gathered up in front of him, and then he just started killing them all,” she said. “Like, they didn’t even know. He basically assassinated them.”

Sosa wants to know why Prince kept falling through the cracks in the justice system.

Already a convicted felon, police arrested Prince last year with a gun, but that case was dropped. A judge also refused to grant a protective order eight months ago after a former employer reported an assault and feared more violence.

“A couple days later [after the shooting], I was so angry. I was angry at the guy that did this, you know, I was angry at [the] courts because he shouldn’t have been out,” she said. “There might be somebody else out there and this is going to happen again. I have no idea why he would pick any of them, but especially my husband.”

She now has to provide some normalcy from their family, and doesn’t see how her husband can ever return to the job where, in one instance, their lives changed forever.

“I think it would be really hard to go back to the same exact spot where something that bad has happened,” she said. “To sit there and pick and choose which ones he thinks doesn’t deserve to live anymore is ridiculous.”

She says visits from co-workers, friends, and family have meant the world to her.

They are still not sure the full extent of Sosa’s injuries, but he has been moving his limbs, which is an encouraging sign.

She said it was especially hard to tell their children, including their 6-year-old twins.

Click here for the Edgewood victims’ donation page.

Sosa also said she supports the state’s attorney’s decision to have the gunman’s first trial in Delaware, and she plans to attend it.

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