Hi Everyone!

It is a beautiful morning. Clear skies, and coming  into work,( before surmise), I can tell you the star field was GREAT! Matter of fact this is the first morning I have noticed the constellation “Orion”, the hunter. He was a sight not seen since the first few days of early Spring.

Orion is the Fall, and Winter constellation. Very high in the sky and prominent in our night time view. As the earth moves toward the warmer months he slips below the horizon but returns with Fall. Once you see him there is no turning back. Cool, and cold weather become the norm. But hopefully not for a while.

After this chilly morning, temps in the upper 30’s as I write this, we will see our high move to between 65 and 70°, and tomorrow the low 70’s. Rain, breezy, and chilly still the forecast, though, for Sunday.

Looks like clear and cool as we move into next week, and a new month!

Have a great and safe weekend y’all.

T.G.I.F.,…ain’t it the truth!



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