BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s the heart of Baltimore’s tourism industry, but the Inner Harbor turned into a nightmare for a visiting family of 10 earlier this month.

Out of nowhere, they were swarmed and beaten by a large number of teenagers.

While the family that was attacked does not want to be identified, they do want their story to be heard. They told their story to WJZ off-camera.

“They swarmed us,” said Stacey. “They hit my husband in the head. They knocked him out… and then it was just complete bedlam.”

It happened on the day of the Baltimore Marathon, Oct. 21. The event brought a big crowd to the harbor that night. The 10 family members, from grandparents to grandchildren, were walking by the H&M store when they were overwhelmed.

“And they punched my nephew in the face and knocked him to the floor,” Stacey said. “My sister went to protect her son, and they were kicking her. I was knelling with my husband screaming ‘Somebody help us, why is nobody helping us?'”

Baltimore City police spokesman T.J. Smith says groups of teens have been a problem in the city.

“It’s always groups of them,” he said. “Someone in that group starts it, and that’s what we saw in this situation.”

In March, a group followed a man downtown, hurling insults, which quickly escalated into a physical assault, and a rapid scattering by the attackers. The same technique used last week when two bicyclists were robbed and beaten by a group.

“The disrespect from some of these juveniles is just absolutely unbelievable and stunning,” Smith said. “And it should be to society.”

“Maybe if there’d been police on foot, those people would never have been congregating there, looking for a fight, you know looking to hit somebody,” said another victim, Sal.

“Well we did have cops all over the place, but again they probably got there relatively quickly, but we can’t have cops on every corner in every single block of the city,” according to Smith.

While police are reviewing surveillance video of the attack, the victims can’t stop replaying it in their minds.

“After this, I can’t sleep at night, seeing what happened over and over again in my head,” Stacey said. “Seeing my family attacked.”

Two members of the family suffered concussions. Others came away with scrapes and bruises, and a vow never return to the Inner Harbor.

As yet, police have no suspects in the attack. Because the group appears to have been made up of juveniles, if they are found they cannot be identified.

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  1. But at least the statues are gone.

    1. TJ Pierce says:

      One positive step at a time!

      1. yes and the most POSITIVE one will be when you Gorillas are returned back to the CONGO !!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. J.R. Coker says:

    So if the cops cant be everywhere at every minute then why are law abiding citizens not allowed to protect themselves with a firearm? When you go into Baltimore you are pretty much on your own. My advise…..STAY OUT!!

    1. I was last in Baltimore years ago…it was a dangerous sheithole even then…Good place to stay away from.

    2. jay10940 says:

      If you watch closely at the attitude of Balto Police spox TJ Smith you get a sense that he takes delight in the havoc being wreaked upon unsuspecting (stupid) white people on a regular basis.

  3. “Teens”. Always those damn teens.

      1. Thomas Ford says:

        Not Amish…not in Baltimore. Baltimore is over run with that violent “Sons of Norway” crowd.

        The smell of pickeld herring hanging in the air is the give away…

    1. “Teens” has become a code-word for feral humans of a certain racial group, usually born to welfare mammas to maximize their welfare check and then set loose in the streets. Requiring fixed birth control for welfare recipients would resolve most of these problems as the current crop ages out or ends up in prison.

      1. They’re not on welfare anymore- it’s social security. They receive it, and their kids get checks for bogus or real “learning disability” or “speech impediment”. The pro-active policing ended in Baltimore and this is what results. These cities are test cities- YOURS is next. More 3rd world illiterates with 7th century cultures will also be imported. This is the UN’s dream! For all of us to be continually terrorized, impoverished, and disgusted.

  4. Pete Parks says:

    Baltimore. If I never have to go there again it will just be fine with me.

  5. “As yet, police have no suspects in the attack. Because the group appears to have been made up of juveniles, if they are found they cannot be identified.”

    Exactly … and part of the problem. It’s time we stop coddling creeps like these, and make their faces part of a billboard – and make their families responsible, as well, for having created, and contributed toward, their depraved get.

    1. So… are they saying ‘they all look alike?’

  6. My son was attacked in the same fashion as a Mount Royal Middle school student. A group of 10-15 High school kids attacked him; knocked him unconscious, gave him a concussion, skull fracture, broken nose and left him for dead on Park ave three blocks from his school. Although he puts on a brave face he has dropped clues that he is afraid to travel alone and fears he will be attacked again; thus the snide and cheeky remarks are insulting, “such as at least the statues are gone”. I’m a patriot and a history lover; the Statues were illegally removed and that matter will be resolved. My son’s attackers are still unknown although we know what school they came from. I support and fight for the 2nd amendment with the exclusion of automatic weapons but what good would it do for him as a minor? By the way, had the juveniles been caught they wouldn’t be sufficiently prosecuted unless charged as adults. The kids are out of control cause the have no legal consequences, no family structure, nor any personal hopes for the future. These young people are in our midst and we need infrastructure and stronger families not smart ass comments.

    1. Jeff Montana says:

      The solution is simple: we need to reinstate segregation.

    2. I hope your son is receiving all the psychological and spiritual help he needs. He almost certainly is suffering PTSD from such a brutal attack. I hope too that you are getting the support you need, what happened is awful for the whole family.

    3. Gaby Herrera says:

      You’re right. The voters and media need to take this seriously. They should report on this every night until the perpetrators are in jail. No money for road repairs or teacher pay raises until after these problems are resolved. No pay raises for police until the problem is resolved. Worse still, instead of solving these problems, we fret about the Freddy Gray case…. What’s more important, attempted murder or “offensive language?”

    4. Jerry Stumbo says:

      Feral is the word you’re looking for.

    5. If the teenagers can’t be charged, charge their parents. Fines and jail time.

    6. Max Kennedy says:

      I believe the “smart ass” commenter, was only pointing out the foolishness and absurdity of the undue obsession over statues which were harming no one, when there are more pressing issues
      – like the actual violation of civil rights in these unprovoked beatings (and knock-out “game” crimes).

    7. Tull Cicero says:

      Sorry for the pain your nephew and family are enduring. You aren’t going to like this either, but the solution is that these type of attacks can only be baiting and hunting these mobs. A mob attack is a deadly attack. Therefore deadly force is justified in repelling it. Concealed carry shooters need to dress down to a non-threatening profile, maybe a street scavenger or other character that tends to loiter. Then find and shadow the mobs, pretending to look thru trash or whatever, and wait for one to attack an innocent. Then start the video on your phone and state your suspicion of an impending or ongoing attack, say you have to stop the attack on tape, then close in and fire double taps into one or two of the attackers. Do not shoot retreaters. Warn off any onlookers who might attack you, and clarify who the victim group is. Keep the group together and command everyone else to stay back. Call 911 with a second phone if you have one so you can keep the camera rolling. Ask the victims to start videotaping before you call. With camera rolling ask the victims if they are ok. No matter what they say, never admit any doubt in your mind that the victims were under deadly attack due to more than one hitting a single victim. It is the superior numbers that make the attack potentially deadly, do not deviate from this belief. Keep the 911 dispatcher on the phone and obey his/her commands about how to not spook the arriving cops. Likely you will be told to re-holster your weapon and keep both hands visible and wave to cops as they arrive. They will likely make you lay down and they will disarm and arrest you. You will be exonerated if you don’t shoot one in the back. You risk a manslaughter charge even if you do everything right, so being a hero has risks. If you are a sentinel by nature, a protector, and believe mob violence needs to be deterred by citizens as well as cops, consider this mob hunting tactic, and we will salute you as a hero if you can carry it off successfully. We need heroes to combat the rise of government-bred fatherless dangerous ferals.

      1. Dana Mangham says:

        Yes, go and see the sights…prepared for action. A clandestine patrol. But hey, you just happen to be walking in one of these danger zones for legal purposes, and you are legally armed for self defense or defense of innocent others. (Depart states where this type of thing is illegal, as they are de facto uninhabitable.) And when something like this mob attack goes down, and you just happen to be nearby, and you just happen to be legally armed and morally-legally empowered to defend the innocent: lower the boom. The “knockout game” is no game, and the police CANNOT stop it. So we have to stop it.

        If you, or an innocent other person, have a right to be where you are, and you face the reasonable threat of death or grievous bodily harm at the hands of violent attackers, you have the right to defend yourself and innocent others with deadly force. You shoot to stop the threat. If they run or surrender, don’t shoot. If they continue the attack or maneuver on you, keep shooting.

        2 on 1, 3 on 1, 10 on 1: these situations are legally (and morally) considered to place the outnumbered, innocent person in what a reasonable person would consider “danger of death or grievous bodily harm.” Same thing when a young, strong attacker assaults an older, weaker person; a practiced fighter or martial arts-trained person goes against someone not similarly prepared; a man assaults a woman; attacker(s) have knocked somebody down or out by surprise; physically fit attacker assaults a guy on crutches; etc.

        Onviously, check your local laws, etc. But the fact remains: bands of violent attackers, aka “teens,” roam our cities ready to pounce on the innocent and pound the he!! out of them, rob them, take selfies with those knocked down and out, steal what they want, humiliate however and whomever they want, and go on their merry way. And yes, only a blind man could miss the extremely strong racial correlation that is part of this new reality: it is black people wreaking casual “vengeance” on anybody and everybody else. (In fairness, one must note that they do it to other black people, too, but not for the same reasons.)

        These attackers REVEL in the misery and helplessness of their victims, gloat that whites and Asians fear blacks, etc. So, don’t hide, and don’t cower. Go to places you want to go, using some sort of judgment of course, and arm and prepare accordingly. Then, stand your ground. Otherwise, this situation merely worsens. I defy anybody to claim otherwise, as the evidence is overwhelming for those who will look at it. Of course the MSM hides the racial angle completely; they highlight that only when whites victimize blacks. Yes, that was the problem in 1957. The opposite is the problem in 2017. Doubt me? Google “Colin Flaherty.”

        I know a lot of wonderful black people, and interact with them accordingly. I also know a lot who are liable to do things such as we’re discussing here, and I guard against them accordingly. Add in radical Islamic terrorists, workplace violence cases, mass killers, and spurned lovers, and there are PLENTY of reasons to take the approach I advocate.

        Sheep graze peacefully and bother nobody. That does not, however, protect them from coyotes, wolves, cougars, and wildcats. For that, we need goats, sheepdogs, and shepherds. Time to step up, men of America. Women of America, time to protect you and yours.

    8. Were your son’s attackers the KKK? Maybe neo-Nazis? Because the media is telling us hate crimes are on the rise.

      How’s that for snark? Look, I’m glad you call yourself a patriot, and frankly borderline amazed that, as a black woman, you disapprove of the removal of those statues. (But as you know, they’ve just begun on that front).

      That said, NORMAL PEOPLE HAVE HAD IT. And you sound like one of us.

      Best wishes for your son. Put him in MMA. Know who your friends are. Get out of that area if you can. Fight for your right to be armed.

      And never, ever vote Democrat.

  7. Why are the news anchors/ reporters reporting on this like it’s a joke? This is a serious situation. Everyone seems to be shrugging their shoulders like this behavior is acceptable and expected. We are shocked and complaining about “privileged” kids choice in Halloween costumes, what about these kids who feel they are entitled to harm people??

  8. Ralph Davis says:

    And they still can’t bring themselves to point out that this type of violence is 99.999% the responsibility of BLACKS.

    1. Dave Allen says:

      Good observation, because they were dressed in black.
      See this is what happens when you can’t watch TV and movies.

  9. Greg Simpson says:

    I’m sure they didn’t attack them because they were white (SARCASM)

  10. R.d. Holland says:

    “Well we did have cops all over the place, but again they probably got there relatively quickly, but we can’t have cops on every corner in every single block of the city,” according to Smith.

    Which is one reason we have the 2nd amendment. Apparently Baltimore does not have concealed carry. I wonder how quickly the situation would resolve itself it it did?

  11. Paul King says:

    There are animals living amongst us. You know who they are. Arm yourself.

  12. Concealed weapon permits will bring an end to the fools that attack in packs. Instead Balto is a place where the young thugs have the free run of the streets. Listening to WBAL radio and there is a Jewish man living in Pikesville talking about the carjackings and attacks on Jewish people going to synagogue. Carjacking is a BIG problem in the Baltimore area but we don’t hear much about it.

  13. Kelly Laraia says:

    The Inner Harbor can be a very nice area for tourists, dining and museums. The thugs are ruining it. The mayor who is usually outspoken on political issues should condemn this attack as tourism is essential to Baltimore’s economy.

  14. Baltimore – Just another Democrat controlled liberal cesspool

  15. When spotting gr0ids on the street, keep your eyes on them and maintain a safe distance.
    If the gr0ids are approaching you, keep your hand on your gun and evade the area if possible.
    If the gr0ids are within 25 feet of you, SHOOT TO KILL!

  16. This is why we moved out of that state. No jobs unless you worked for the government; the state is a one party state – democrat – and the crime was getting bad. Whites were not welcome there

  17. Saleem Khan says:

    What’s the common thread with attacks like this?

  18. David Gouge says:

    Thank goodness the family dutifully submitted to the beating and did not try to defend themselves with guns… if would have just made them even angrier and somebody might have really been hurt.

    1. David Birch says:

      If the family would have defended themselves and hurt any of those youthful teens, I bet the family would brought up on criminal charges for injuring the poor youth and committing a racially motivated crime. Then the family would have been summoned to appear in civil court and ordered to pay “restitution” to the poor little boy.

  19. We should have picked our own cotton.

  20. Maybe next time they’ll visit a civilized city!! If you want to visit Baltimore, watch “The Wire” instead, it’s safer.

  21. And that’s why I won’t set foot in these leftist “Utopias.” They don’t reciprocate on concealed weapon permits and at the same time acknowledge the police can’t protect you. What could possibly go wrong with that?

  22. Lets me guess that Baltimore does not allow law abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons for self defense.

  23. Why would ANYONE put up with this nonsense? The ridiculous mayor & city administrators sure have a handle on the situation…..”lets remove those 100 year old statues that honor old Southern war heros…..yeah,…that’ll take care of everything!” I wouldn’t go to Baltimore-Inner Harbor- for ANYTHING!
    And until the city leader & laws (concealed carry) are changed, I suggest you do the same. Why put yourself & family in the way of “life changing” potential harm?

  24. Joe Schmolen says:

    Google “black flash mobs”. This has been going on for many, many years. The thugs are rarely arrested, and never prosecuted. Tell us again how ‘the system” is unfair to blacks.

  25. Bill Thrower says:

    You can bet if this were gangs of whites doing hate crimes on black there would be hundreds of feds down there within hours to round them up.
    Democrats are trying to destroy the U.S with hate and are doing a good job of it.

  26. Face it,we are at the start of a race war .Roaming gangs of young blacks,male and female,are attacking whites brutally .
    If a white uses a gun owned legally to protect oneself from these gangs there would be an outrage leading to violent looting and destruction.
    These black thugs a a product of our failed welfare system and the rhetoric from the so called black leaders

  27. It’s too often that we hear of black teen flash mobs hurting people and causing destruction. Not too long ago, there was a rash of random punching of strangers. Something has got to be done to steer black youth in the right direction or this kind of thing will only perpetuate stereotypes and cement racial beliefs.

    1. The “right direction” is southeastward toward Africa. Unless they don’t want to go, in which case it should be downward toward hell.

  28. Baltimore……anyone, anyone, anyone….care to comment on which race the large number of teenagers that were the attackers????? If there were ever a reason to carry a concealed weapon; this is one of the reasons!

  29. Bob Roberts says:

    When Black mobs attack a White family they are called “Teens”.

  30. Troy Dynes says:

    How funny!! “Groups of teens”.

  31. Louis Latour says:

    Hmmm, seems that a Glock could have put a happier ending on this one.

  32. Wm Layer says:

    Couldn’t be racially motivated attack could it?

  33. One more reason to be armed with a gun with a large capacity magazine. But sadly MD is a pro-crime state where it is next to impossible for the law abiding to carry a gun.

  34. This is why i carry and why i will never live in a place i cant carry.. in liberal cities you are defenseless…

  35. Alvin Burg says:

    So when foreigners come here to see our country, and they are told “you probably shouldn’t go to Baltimore,” and they ask the reason why, what are they told? There are dangerous teens? Is every no-go zone in this country run by teens?

  36. slothb77 says:

    If the family that was attacked was black and the group of attacking teens was white, this article would have mentioned race and it would be national news plastered all over the cable networks for weeks.

    But racial identifiers are not used in this article. Hmmm, I wonder why?

  37. Jack Pod says:

    By the way, all of the assailants were Black.

  38. End welfare and bring back the death penalty. Oh and nuke Baltimore

  39. The skin color of the juvenile attackers is a given, and most never knew their father…

  40. Sounds like Baltimore should take a page out of the Ft. Worth, TX police playbook. Pairs of policemen on bicycles patrol the Sundance Square area. But, of course, 80% of those walking around Sundance Square are probably carrying, too. Support nationwide reciprocity on concealed carry laws.

  41. Paul Tibbets says:

    Once Black lives matters starts correcting endemic racism, these teens will stop randomly beating people and will become straight A students and upstanding members of a civil society.

  42. I knew before I looked – “Teens” and “Youths” are code words for the obvious plague on this nation that PC censorship prohibits anyone from discussing

  43. Keith White says:

    And if anyone here thinks Baltimore is going to do one thing about this you got another thing coming. Its only going to get worse because they don’t have anyone to stop it. Everyone all over Maryland knows not to go to Baltimore. Go to Annapolis harbor instead. They don’t allow the thugs to rule in Annapolis.

  44. Jay Barbieri says:

    Martial Law is to goal.
    Right on schedule.

  45. Diversity is a code-word for white genocide

  46. Don McCoy says:

    I wonder how the racial demographics shake out in this case…

  47. Dave Fay says:

    If you are dumb enough to visit Baltimore, I’m sorry but it’s your own fault, you have not been paying attention.

  48. Mark Mullins says:

    I’m thankful I live in a state that allows concealed carry.
    They may get you by sheer number, but the first lucky few get to pay the price.

  49. jay10940 says:

    Locals refer to the Inner Harbor as “Mondawmin-By-The-Sea” and we know better than to be there after sundown. Even in broad daylight it is still dangerous. Do not go there. It is not worth it.

  50. Well. someone will tire of it and shoot a half dozen of them and it will stop for a while. Then, after the break, it will pick back up. Society has been going in the wrong direction for 35 years. I don’t see any chance of improvement. We get lapses from violence, but it seems to always return.

  51. Homer Wilson says:

    why would any decent normal clean cut person in America ever visit Baltimore and walk around that jungle?? America is over run with these ghetto trash violent animals who have no future but crime against whites.

  52. “Teens”. The CBS code word.

  53. Joe Clovis says:

    Baltimore is such an armpit of a city. I try to avoid it at all cost. But the kicker is, its almost impossible for your average, law abiding person to own a handgun for self-defense an the defense of his family in Baltimore, so these criminals are free to attack whomever they want without repercussion. Maybe one day the people of Maryland will become tired of being the victims at the hands of thugs and vote in politicians who care about the citizens right over that of the criminal elements rights. But I doubt it.

  54. Chris McCabe says:

    “Disrespect”? LMAO. I think it’s a little bit more than that, guy. This is a hate crime.

  55. Terry Odette says:

    why don’t you have this problem in majority white towns its only black majority towns just asking.

  56. I think the media does this on purpose, because they know it will stir the pot.

  57. There’s that euphemism again, teens.

  58. John Smith says:

    We have to get serious about the “black” problem in this country. I suggest white people and Asian people, completely remove themselves from these cities. Totally boycott them financially, Avoid dealing with this element of society at all costs until they decide to police themselves. They are bringing up a HUGE new generation of career criminals, the prison population will double in ten years.

  59. Probably those Hasidic Jews again…

  60. did anyone catch when the black city official talked about the “disrespect” shown by the “teenagers” (cough). disrespect is when you talk back to your teacher. this was brutal, animalistic pack violence. “people” like that are not fit to live in civilization.

    inner harbor has always been one of my favorite places. i love the aquarium and so many other parts of that area, but if this is the situation, i’ll never feel right about taking my family to visit.

  61. ahhh little obamites playing, what is the problem, you removed the racist statutes, you removed those horrible guns, you live in utopia, enjoy your liberal world you wanted.

  62. Tom Truther says:

    Bet it was the most violent, criminal, destructive under achieving race in Americ…..MAGA

  63. No suspects? Maybe if you released a description of the assailants you could find some suspects.

  64. Sam Donovan says:

    Well, If they can’t have a cop on every corner and I’m not allowed to protect myself, then, my family and I won’t be going to the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Hopefully, Baltimore’s tourism industry will be able to survive through the generous support of the cities thriving hoodlum community.

  65. Where is Colin Kaepernick when we need him?

  66. Not much of this in Az. Like zero. No permit required for concealed or open carry. You see old grampas carrying guns in Walmart while their wife shops. And she’s got a Smith Air weight in her cc purse.

  67. “Teens” is not the proper description. “Animals” is more appropriate & everybody knows who they are.

  68. Bruce Fultz says:

    When will people realize the need to carry the great equalizer?? When Thugs attack you, U have EVERY RIGHT to defend Your Life! Liberals want to disarm Us. But as we see with this family, it puts everyone at the mercy of these street Thugs! Wise Up People & Arm yourselves!

  69. Arm yourself, and protect yourself. These “kids” have no future but prison and death. Seventy percent illegitimacy rate in the black community, the single greatest predictor of a failed life outcome.

    It wasn’t that way prior to President Johnson’s “Great Society” welfare programs that replaced men in the home with the government.

    But it is that way now, so again, arm and protect yourself.

    They are not going to be productive members of society, they’re psychopaths.

    Then, never again vote for the liberal policies that destroyed the black family and community that reward destructive behavior that increases misery.

  70. Are they preparing to go to college?….

  71. One of those renegade Swedish gangs you hear so much about. Baltimore is full of them.

  72. billgjohnson says:

    NEGROS, that is all our need to know, NEGROS assaulting, robbing, raping, mudering

  73. Feral apes useful for target practice only.

  74. Harry Ballza says:

    Baltimore… knew what was happening from the one word. Time to have the LGBT community buy up the properties and rehab the bay area. Anyone else, and the elected official and public opinion would prevent the purge needed to get the community back from these “teens”.

  75. Joe Tairei says:

    Two words would solve this problem: gun rights.

  76. The statues are gone. So what made these “teens” beat up people?

  77. James Rush says:

    And no description of the attackers – not even what race.

  78. could someone explain to me again how we are all equal? To any minority reading this…you WILL be treated how you treat others…problem with other races…LOOK IN THE MIRROR first

  79. I wouldn’t be kneeling by my husband waiting for someone else. My entire family carries,,,,, and that would be that. What they did was commit an act of terrorism, attempting great bodily harm and we know what we do to terrorist.

  80. The police / government will not / can not protect you. As a man, you must be ready at all time to protect your family. Know your surroundings, be ware, and be ready to shoot / kill as many as you can.

  81. Allen Clark says:

    Has anybody else noticed that most of these uncontrolled kids are Black teen. Not just there, but everywhere. Seems the answer to this is, stay out of black areas.

  82. Yet the morons that live here chose to elect those who forbid them the right to defend themselves…

  83. madmill2014 says:

    I think there should be police officers on every corner particularly for big events like this one was. And the Mayor needs to make that happen. Pronto!

  84. “teenagers”, “teens”, “juveniles”, “juveniles”

  85. What do you want to bet that they were black juveniles?

  86. Elephant in the room which is NEVER brought up, EVERY single case is black on white attacks. EVERY ONE around the country. Never brought up. Dozens in past couple months if you scan news sites. How many more not reported. When are white players going to start taking a knee to bring this to light. Thank you Barak.

  87. Just another crowd of porch monkeys that need to be exterminated like the rabid animals they are.

  88. Large group of teenagers. Do I get a guess at the color of these, as Hillary would say, superpredators?

  89. “disrespect from some of these juveniles “, uh um I think beating and violently punching people is a bit more than disrespect? I guess that is the heart of the problem. Some people have different views on what constitutes assault and violence. I would consider physically punching or kicking someone, starting fires and burning private property, smashing cars, etc as violence, not as disrespect. Personally I would avoid all the major cities as its open “hunting” season on normal average Americans (of any ethnicity, race or religion) by anarchist anti American groups right now, much of it being spurred on by the NFL players anti police/anti America kneeling which legitimizes the violent acts by these groups of teenagers. They see their idols “disrespecting” America so they feel justified in doing so as well.

  90. Larry Smith says:

    “teens”…so no more descriptive terms you have…like maybe color of skin?????

  91. Mike Miller says:

    White people need to avoid blacks… they’re losing it.
    And the media won’t warn you of obvious black dysfunction.

  92. John Woodhar says:

    I think we should all be more tolerant toward these juveniles. Theyre just releasing their anxiety toward the white supremists.

  93. Hey leftists, please tell us where blacks are attacked by whites, anywhere in the country, where a black person or family cannot walk in a public place for fear of being attacked. Oh wait, it’s not the white neighborhoods that people get violently attacked in. Must be black privilege.

  94. John Medina says:

    The real shock is that Baltimore has a tourism industry.

  95. James Benoit says:

    America doesn’t have a “crime problem” per se, America has a BLACK CRIME PROBLEM.

    Remove blacks from the stats, the USA has Western European (well, pre Muzzrat invasion) like crime numbers. But you know, take a gddamn knee, savages.

  96. Carl Ball says:

    enter cities at your own risk, is the new motto after 8 years of obama and after nov 2016!

  97. The “youths” are black. We all know it but no one seems to be willing to admit it. They are cowards by nature which is why they travel in feral packs and attack white families with children and elderly members. If some of these “teens” or “youths” received hot lead at 900 ft per second, the attacks would end, but the leadership of Baltimore, charm city, is happy to give them space to destroy instead.

  98. Bob Johnson says:

    And Baltimore thinks they have a shot at Amazon re-locating headquarters to the south side. Bal does not have a shot in hell, and frankly the city doesn’t deserve it. 50 years of rot and cancer and statist polices that have led infrastructure collapse, abandoned blocks of row homes that resemble bombed out Dresden, school systems that graduate students without even baseline reading and math skills and demoralize from the time they set foot in Gov educational system which is the equivalent of hell, purveyors of a victimhood mindset that destroys the black man’s spirit and leaves him immobilized, endless fiscal insanity and insolvency, and normalized crime, assaults, and murder, year after year. Leadership failure.

  99. No talk of hate crimes anymore? just groups of teenagers? Please – this a much bigger story if anyone has the guts to report it accurately!

  100. Mary Mac says:

    And that folks is an example of Black Privilege.

  101. Ted Jones says:

    This is why you need a high capacity clip for.

  102. Jack Frost says:

    Guessing they KNOW that the “yootes” are from a protected class, hence THEY are at fault for presenting such an easy target / motivation for their “self-expression”. Welcome to Obama World!

  103. Hard to understand, but we don’t read of these things happening in Florida and other CCW states.

    This is probably a false report, after all, Maryland has ‘good strong gun control to keep people safe’, so no way this could have happened.

    Please disregard this clearly false report.

    Probably it was published by the ‘vast right wing conspiracy.’ snark snark.

  104. John Dillon says:

    Time for Paul Kersey to come out of retirement. Put a few in the ground and watch the difference it will make.

  105. BLACK teens. BLACK teens. BLACK. It’s easy. One syllable. Say it. Tell the TRUTH. Why lie? Why NOT tell the truth?

  106. Just a random family that was attacked, eh? By chance was the random family a “fair skinned” family. I don’t have to ask about the attackers, but correct me if I’m wrong and the gang of thugs was a group of Asians taking a break from their studies.

  107. Ah, those Mormon “teens” … Baltimore is soon to be another Detroit. The inmates are, indeed, running the asylum. Sad.

  108. Lincoln was so right; there’s no way the majority of blacks will ever be able to function in civilization with other races. Just look at Afreaka. Those who continue to go to Blacktimore deserve what they get, just like those who stick their hand in a blender running on high speed…

  109. Blacks have an average IQ of 80 – do you really expect civilized behavior from such people? Why is it that any place that is majority Black is a human heII hole?

  110. “Teens” means black thugs of any age.

  111. Maryland, particularly Baltimore, needs conceal and carry. Take out a couple of these thugs and it will end….I hate to be this way but sometimes the simplest solutions may work out to be the best….

  112. Deano Wood says:

    15 teens… 15 rounds in a clip. Coincidence? I think not.

  113. These primitive creatures do not belong in white civilization. They demonstrate why each and every day.

  114. Ive watched that once beautiful area slowly go down hill the past 20 years. Was there about 6 years ago and what I saw scared me. Never again.

  115. It’s not against the law to carry around a nice metal baseball bat. These kids are almost always cowards. Crack the biggest one in the head, and the rest will scatter like ants.

  116. Andrew Cuomo says:

    In Baltimore’s case, the inmates ARE running the prison.

  117. “Teens.”

    The cover-up cowards at CBS strike again.

  118. A very pertinent fact was left out of this article. Can you guess what that might be?

  119. Fred Mertz says:

    It is not safe to go in a 5 mile radius of streets named Martin Luther King Way\Ave\St\Rd in any city in the US. Who do these black thugs think they are fooling?

  120. It is going to be alright, they WERE liberals that thought diversity was wonderful. Now they will be conservatives.

  121. I suspect a description of the teens was given in the story because it is already assumed given the location and the action.

  122. Here we go again with “Baltimore teens.” The usual white Amish riff-raff?

  123. Let’s play a game of…. Guess….. The…….Race..
    Do you still believe in BLM?

  124. Baltimore is a swamp. Drain it by boycotting local merchants until they change their government and their priorities.

  125. Fortunately the family was unarmed so the “teens” were free to do dey thang.

  126. “large number of teenagers.”…”groups of teens”…”the attackers”…”beaten by a group”…”these juveniles”…”the group appears to have been made up of juveniles”

    Another classic example of the PC media propagandists attempting to condition their readers to ignore the obvious.

    Political Correctness is killing us. All cultures are not the same.

    “The most insidious power the media has, is the power to ignore.” (Chris Plante, WMAL)

    But it isn’t like we didn’t know:

    “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” -Richard Salant, former president of CBS News

    “We are going to impose our agenda on the coverage, by dealing with issues and subjects that we choose to deal with.” – Richard Cohen, Senior Producer, CBS Political News

    Black Racism’, is the giant elephant in the middle of the room, that everyone knows is there, but pretend not to see. The downplaying, the endless Affirmative Excuses and the silence from the media and society as a whole, only feeds it, empowers it, and allows it to grow. And in this Liberal run PC society, blacks are pretty much allowed to be as blatantly and in-your-face racist as they want to be.

    As one police officer commented: “Funny how that works isn’t it? Being a cop I have been seeing this “hate crime” game going on for years. I would take reports of blatant racism by blacks against whites, in which whites were put into the hospital, terrorized at night in their homes, shot, stabbed, you name it, and the newspaper doesn’t even report it. Or if they do they never mention the races of the people involved.”

    “The most insidious power the media has, is the power to ignore.” (Chris Plante, WMAL)

  127. Joey Pacheco says:

    I hope they (family) were DEMOCRATS voters.

  128. Start hanging a few of these thugs from lampposts in W Balto. See just how quickly the young Thugvons fall into line…

  129. How do they know they were teens? Young black males would be more descriptive and accurate, but suicidal political correctness prevents “journalists” from relaying “hate facts”.

  130. David Grimes says:

    It’s sure a good thing nobody in that family had a gun. Otherwise some of those sweet innocent children might have been hurt.

    What is WRONG with you haters?

  131. Bill Redd says:

    It’s simple NEVER visit any city where the african’s are in charge in ANY way or are over 30% of the population. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!! They want to maim/hurt/kill you if you are an unarmed WHITE.

  132. Why any white would ever enter Baltimore, let alone walk around is beyond me. You are not wanted there.You are not welcome there. Why spend one single dime of your hard earned money to support anything in Baltimore? Boycott it entirely.

  133. Dan Granger says:

    This is the result of 50 years of constant Liberal brainwashing on a targeted demographics to believe that they are perpetual victims of the “evil white man”. By always making a point of hyping and exploiting the far rarer examples of white on black racial violence, while ignoring the far more common incidents of violent black racism and discrimination against whites and Asians, the
    Liberal MSM tries endlessly to convince their viewers that the least racist demographics, are the most racist; and the most racist demographics, aren’t racist at all!

    ‘Black LIES Matter’- Approximately 85% of all interracial violence, including assault, murder and rape between blacks and whites, is black on white.

    A Single Parent Sub-Culture raised on anti white animosity and envy. Triggered by their racist hatred and a righteous indignation instilled and encouraged by a Leftist Hollywood and a Public School program of Victimist Propaganda.

    Empowered by Liberals and their Entitlement Mentality. Protected by the National News Media, Political Correctness and a corrupt racist DOJ under Eric ‘My People’ Holder and Barack ‘If I Had a Son’ Obama.

    Forgiven by an endless list of Affirmative Excuses and Lowered Expectations. Sanitized and Glorified beyond recognition by a fawning SJW media on TV, on the Movie screen, and in Commercials, as innocent, righteous paragons of humanity.

    Liberals and their media having dumbed down their education, inflated their tribalistic race based pride and egos, and enraged their senses by instilling a constant sense of victim-hood with movies like ‘Django Unchained’, ‘The Butler’, ‘Twelve Years a Slave’, the new ‘Birth Of A Nation’, and the remake of ‘Roots’. Creating a youth culture of stupid, self-important, angry, uncontrollable and violent racist spoiled brats.

  134. We know they were Black because otherwise, incidents like this would be plastered all over CNN. The other clue is that if they were White, the article would state it.

  135. Jim Cyr says:

    Poor misunderstood youth, I tell ya!!!!!!

  136. “teenagers” huh? What aren’t they telling us?

  137. “Teens,” “teens,” “teens,” … let me help you with this: “blacks,” “blacks,” “blacks.” There, now teenagers who are not part of the 13% don’t have to be pounded for things they didn’t do.

  138. I stand with (or rather, kneel with) the BLMNFL players that fighting against police aggression these Baltimore teens.

  139. Thank God the media didn’t tell their readers that the “teenagers” were ghetto nnegros, “entertaining” themselves in a gun free zone controlled for decades by the socialist elites running the Democratic Party.

    And thanks to the bigots in the NFL, a white policeman “interfering” with that “entertainment” would be considered a racists and would be subject to prosecution.

  140. It’s always teens when they are black. If they were white teens beating on a black family then they’d be called a racist, neo-nazi, white supremist, pro-KKK violent gang. I don’t feel sorry for these people, they knew in advance Baltimore is a city of black violence and hatred of anything white. Rotten shame that America’s big cities run by blacks have become such rotten, disgusting places to live in or visit.

  141. Samuel Green says:

    What do you expect, Mayor Stephanie has a history of telling the police department NOT TO ENGAGE CRIMINALS, and to let the city riot, all while the poor police were forced to watch.

    Most states with anti firearm or restrictive gun laws have the highest percentage of violent crime, why not, the criminals know that the victims will be unarmed.

  142. Next trip to Baltimore checklist:
    -underwear: check
    -toothbrush: check
    -bumpstock: check

  143. Larry Miller says:

    Obama gave thugs a license to do that.

  144. Buy them books, build them a school and they eat the teacher

  145. It’s a shame. The market down the street is so much fun to go and eat the different ethnic foods. The only problem is that all of the people standing around like it’s a crack house scare the heck out of everyone with their drug deals and cat calling! We went to a volleyball tourney for my daughter there about 4 or 5 years ago and it was definitely not a safe feel in downtown Baltimore.

  146. It be those darn white privilege kids, they are so violent and intimidating it’s no wonder things like this happen!

  147. Tom Small says:

    I was promised that taking down the Confederate statues would stop this.

  148. Don’t make the Black kids angry! LOL Notice we can’t upvote or down vote these posts anymore because most of the folks here don’t agree with the Commie Broadcast System!

  149. In 1936, times were hard in Little Rock, Arkansas. My 15 year-old grandmother was a prostitute in those days. And birth control was unreliable. So she gave birth to my mother in a home for unwed mothers. Our heritage was unknown, but we had our suspicions, because my grandmother did her best to conceal things. However, after she died, science made our DNA heritage accessible. 23&Me revealed that I am 1/8 black. My mother is 1/4. So if these black kids had swarmed me & I did some serious harm to them, could I have been accused of racial hatred? (I have a strong tendency to vocalize during combat). I have slightly tan skin & green eyes. I tan well. So there it is… the DNA. In the Old South, I would have been arrested for marrying a white woman. All four of my kids are lily white, like their mother. The question: When do we start having one-drop race tests in modern America to determine if people are guilty of racial hatred or race crimes against black people? I ponder these questions because the USA is totally obsessed with race, and black people are the most obsessed of them all. When these black kids attack people, especially white people, they have no idea about the truth, except that they are themselves stupid, vicious & vile.

  150. More than 20 years ago Hillary Clinton spoke of bringing superpredators to heel … would have made a terrific Pres

  151. Kerwin Hieb says:

    You can take the savage out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the savage… ooga-booga!

  152. John Smith says:

    The all so common thread is young black males are violent. Far moroe violent than any other sub group in terms of percentage of the population. Avoid areas where they gather and if you see them get away fast.

  153. Tod Perry says:

    You can bet they were BLACK since they did not report the race. If they attackers had been white they would have reported on it as usual.

  154. David Walker says:

    Time for good people to ignore bad laws, and carry some heat: I suggest a “revolver for stupid people” that shoots .45 bullets/.410 shot and slug. A pretty good model is the Taurus Judge.

    The Taurus Judge will stop any smart person in their tracks, as the wielder only need point in the general direction of the threat(s) to ensure an effective and often lethal defense. If the threat is stupid, he/she becomes mince meat that the fire department will hose off the street.

    Baltimore, and every city in the USA, should belong to good people — not the idiots and thugs that intend random harm. Take your town back, and tell the political hacks and the cops that it’s your town now — carry heat and make the statement.

    An armed society is a respectful society.

  155. Bill Santiff says:

    Ten years ago we used to love going up to Baltimore to the Inner Harbor, to great Restaurants in “Little Italy”, to Ravens games, to Oreoles games, even to Pimlico.. Now we never dare go inside the Baltimore Beltway because the risk of attack by these violent slime is just too high!

    In the past few years we also stopped riding Metro into DC after the DC school kids (who ride Metro for free) started attacking white passengers…


  156. Thank god for Colin Flaherty who speaks the truth.

  157. I have been all over the world including several cities in the middle east and I have never been anywhere that made me feel as unsafe as Baltimore. It would be safer to sing the national anthem on the streets of Tehran than walk through B-More with an iPhone. Baltimore should be pushed out in the bay and start fresh. I lived there for years and one place I will never go back to. You just can fix 5 generations of drugs, crime, poverty and now lawlessness of beating innocent families.

  158. Tim Mcgauley says:

    More of Mr. O’s kids. He’s got a big family…

  159. Tyquan Brown says:

    It’s Black Mob Violence targeting white people, the media has been instigating these attacks by instilling a victim complex into Blacks that makes them feel justified in behaving like savages.

  160. when will I see people kneeling about this?

  161. Smith Sjohn says:

    Shoot to kill every savage that approaches you………………………….

  162. Phil Evans says:

    Stuff like this happens overwhelmingly in states that make it difficult for citizens to carry pistols. Let the young thugs try this somewhere like Georgia, Florida, Alabama, or a bunch of other states, and they’ll get something they didn’t plan on. Communist states like Maryland are merely victim-rich zones for criminals.