By Joel Furches

The craving for a big, juicy burger is a universal experience. Everyone has it, some more often than others. But red meat isn’t always the healthiest choice. No worries, though. There are alternatives that can satisfy the craving and be healthy at the same time.

Check out some of these local restaurants that serve up a non-beef burgers.

Liquid Earth
1626 Aliceanna St.
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 276-6606

A cozy little vegetarian and vegan joint on Aliceanna Street, Liquid Earth offers dining or bar seating and a wide variety of wholesome juice blends and meat substitute meals. Among these meals, you will find the Earthburger. As it comes to your table nestled in its kaiser bun, you may not be able to tell at first that this is a patty made of organic brown rice, textured soy, fresh herbs and seasonings. Flavor yours up with LE’s wide variety of fixings: pickles, brown mustard, red onions and ketchup. Ask for any combination of these, or ask for “The Works,” and get all of these toppings combined.

Abbey Burger Bistro
1041 Marshall St.
Baltimore, MD 21230
(443) 453-9698

The Abby Burger Bistro is a pub and restaurant with a hook: its burgers are made with a wide variety of meats, but all have the juicy goodness that a burger ought to have. In addition to its Angus beef burgers, you can come in and sample burgers made of ground turkey, ground chicken, gochujang spiced duck, ground lamb, bison, blackened shrimp, fried green tomatoes, veggie burger or black beans.

The range of toppings are tailored to the meat of the burger, and might include anything from a fried egg to applewood bacon to goat cheese to herb yogurt. It may be unusual, but once you put one of these burgers between your teeth, you’ll be a believer.

Kooper’s Tavern
1702 Thames St.
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 563-5423

An all-American bar and grill, Kooper’s Tavern excels in Americana fair. Swing on in if you’re ever in the mood for wings, nachos, pizza, or, you guessed it, burgers.

What makes Kooper’s so unique as a burger joint is its “Build Your Own Burger” menu. You select your choice of dozens of cheeses, toppings, sauces and, well, protein. The toppings are definitely worth a look, too, because Kooper’s has about anything you could possibly think to put on a burger – and also any burger you could possibly think to put it on.  When it comes to the “protein” part of the burger, Kooper’s offers black Angus beef and wagyu, but it also offers burgers in veggie, bison, turkey and lamb varieties.

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Red Star Bar & Grill
906 S. Wolfe St.
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 675-0212

Bearing a Western vibe to it, and couched inside a vintage building, the Red Star Bar and Grill is a casual eatery with a creative menu – making the entire establishment a good experience for the diner. The burger selection is enormous. Among the meats offered are bison, black bean and turkey.

Sweet 27 Bar And Restaurant 
123 W. 27th St.
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 464-7211

The Sweet 27 Bar And Restaurant makes a solid attempt to be all things to all people. With a global menu, the foods include recipes from across the globe — from Asia to the Caribbean. It also serves baked goods. All the food is gluten-free and despite a name which indicates a bar-and-grill vibe, the restaurant actually has more of a chill, cafe kind of feel to it.

Regarding creative burger meats, the Sweet 27 offers a portabello mushroom burger, a fish burger and a “vada pao” burger, which consists of a potato croquette in chickpea tempura/tamarind. This menu is a little more creative with its beef substitutes than many other establishments in Baltimore.

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