BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The chairman of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee is holding an emergency meeting for the Pugh administration’s crime plan. That’s according to our media partners at The Baltimore Sun.

The meeting comes as homicides are nearing 300 for the year. City Councilman Brandon Scott is asking leaders of the police department and other city agencies to report to City Hall Tuesday afternoon at 3:30.

The meeting will be for officials to explain what they’re doing to decrease the violence.

In July, Scott recessed a hearing about coordinating anti-violence strategies across city agencies, arguing city officials didn’t have a proper plan.

Mayor Catherine Pugh responded by naming a new director of criminal justice and releasing an anti-violence plan.

The plan included several steps her administration had taken to increase policing, including putting more officers on patrol and improving police training and technology.

Compared to last year, homicides are up by 13 percent compared with last year while violent crime is up by 14 percent.

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  1. Joe Yeti says:

    Oh I thought the plan was to have the police stand down and give the Thugs room to destroy. Seems to be working.

  2. Rory Hession says:

    Don’t worry. The NFL is addressing the main problem plaguing our society. All will be well soon. I heard there is a plan to distribute knee pads with different team logo’s.

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