Hi Everyone!

A gray start to this day. The cause, well there are two. Initially an easterly flow. Air coming in off of the Bay, and ocean. An easterly flow usually means clouds. Then out to the West a big warm front is moving our way. That milder air is over-running, it is lifting up over the cool air in place, and that means clouds in the area. It is the warm front that will win out and begin to control our  forecast. The mid 70’s the next two days. Yeah that works, and so will the following.

After a weak cool front drops our daytime high to the low 60’s on Saturday another warm front takes us back to the 70’s on Sunday and Monday. Sunday might begin with a shower, and we may have a good amount of clouds around on Sunday, but 70°. A good trade off.

Let’s speak about the chance of showers over the “five day.” It does exist three times but we are NOT looking at a ton of rain. Later Friday, as the cool front moves by, some showers. Late Saturday as the second warm front moves in. Then late Monday as another cold front cuts across the Mid-Atlantic.

Generally speaking a pretty good run of weather for early November.


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