Hi Everyone!

“Here comes some cold.” That has to be my headline as we start this week, and approach the double digit days of November. Ok, so what do I mean by ‘cold.” Let’s discuss…

This week two cold fronts will dive across the Mid-Atlantic.” Each will be followed by high pressure that got its birth in west central Canada. It’s cold up there,  and those highs are shoving that air our way..hence the cold fronts.

(Remember the front is just that, the front edge of a new air mass.)

We will be in the 50’s this week, and by the end of the week, and into the weekend, we will be in the upper to mid 40’s dayside, and in the upper 20’s at night. Yes you read that correctly. At night on Friday and Saturday it is not frost we will deal with but rather freeze itself.

This is what I mean by “some cold.”

Two weeks out from Thanksgiving and the feel of the season is here. Some would say, finally.” Others might say, “#&!*#(!!#*&” Me included.



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