Hi Everyone!

So here comes the cold. No surprise, it has been discussed for the past couple of days. Notice of a hammer getting ready to hit your thumb does not make the event feel any better, and such is the case now.

It’s all in the numbers. And here they are;

Tonight’s low is 35°, winds of 25-30 mph, wind chill the upper teens.

Tomorrow the high is 43°, the winds still gusting to near 30 mph at times, the wind chill 22-25°

Tomorrow night the winds will subside, but the low will be 19°, and the wind chill could feel like 12° or so.

Do we even dare to continue? Sure why not just go NFL, and pile on.

Tomorrow night we could easily set a record low for the date.

Saturday the winds will be pretty calm but the temps will still be quite January like in the low 40° dayside, and 29° overnight.

Sunday milder and that trend continues into next week. By milder we mean a return to the 50’s. But as it was pointed out to me the “growing season” will end this weekend. It actually already did but the point is made.




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