By Tracey Leong

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Gas prices are on the rise, and Maryland drivers are paying about 30 cents more than the same period last year.

While the price of gas has gone up, many drivers say it has been low for so long, this really doesn’t make a difference.

Higher demand is driving up the price of gas during the holiday season.

“October saw the highest demand for gas since 2006,” said Christine Delise, with AAA. “We had unseasonably warm weather, motorist were taking advantage of it.”

Marylanders are paying about eight cents more compared to last week.

“I would rather pay less, but like I said, I have no control over the matter,” said driver Ivan Fried.

“It’s just not expensive enough to be a big deal,” said driver Dorothy Weatherby.

News that doesn’t seem to discourage Maryland drivers, or their travel plans.

“It’s convenient to have a car no matter the cost of gas, it’s budgeted in for the vacation,” Fried said.

Another factor impacting the cost of gas is crude oil prices, which could disrupt the supply.

“Prices are trading at prices we haven’t seen since 2015, geo-political tensions in the Middle East and oil producing countries, like Saudi Arabia and Iran,” Delise said.

Regardless, drivers feel it’s a small bump at the pump that will not impact their commutes.

“The prices go up and down, but they’ve been down for so long,” Weatherby said. “I remember when gas prices were five bucks a gallon, or very near to, so it’s still a good deal.”

While Maryland’s average has gone up, it is still lower than the national average.

Maryland’s average price for gas is $2.52.

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