By Rick Ritter

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Last week the Baltimore police commissioner was fired up at a press conference, Wednesday, the mayor responded to those who are lashing out at her. They say she doesn’t take the violence seriously.

Mayor Catherine Pugh says every time there’s a shooting or murder, her phone rings, and it couldn’t be more disturbing.

Pugh says they’re moving the hiring process along as fast as they can with officers but the City might not feel the impact until next year.

The department said once officers make it through the academy, they are immediately deployed to foot patrol in various communities, including the Inner Harbor.

“Anyone who thinks that I don’t take this seriously or it’s not something alarming to me, this is the most important thing we can do in this city and that’s to reduce the violence,” Pugh said.

Pugh fired back at critics Wednesday who question her leadership as Baltimore is closing in on one of it’s deadliest times ever, hitting 300 plus murders for the third year in a row.

“I am deeply disturbed about the violence and this is the number one priority of the City,” she said.

Vicious, random attacks like Sebastain Dvorak, who was killed in Canton after a night out with friends, to Kia Martin’s daughter, who was beat down at the Inner Harbor.

“They just don’t understand the pain, terror and hurt that they cause,” said Martin.

“I’m actually thinking about moving out of the state,” one woman said. “That’s how bad it’s got.”

Many are calling for a more obvious presence of police in their communities.

“Unless you have more actively involved law enforcement, then I don’t know how this is going to end,” Baltimore resident Steve Bono. “We just can’t keep finger pointing, everyone has to take some responsibility.”

Mayor Pugh acknowledges the City is battling a shortage of officers, but that close to 200 individuals have already made it through the hiring process.

“When I first started, I said to the police department, fill every single vacancy that you have. We won’t really feel the impact of that until next year,” she said.

Pugh has ordered everyday meetings on crime involving most of the City’s agencies.

Along with an influx of lights throughout Baltimore that have recently been added, and a focal point of expanding the Safe Streets Program to all communities, many are left wondering what it will take for Baltimore to come out on top.

“This is worse than Detroit in one way and even worse than Chicago,” a South Baltimore resident said. “I know a lot of people that are scared to even come out the building. I would hate to see this city go down.”

“We will continue this fight and we will continue until we win it,” Pugh said.

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Rick Ritter

Comments (170)
  1. The mayor is a female black democrat – that’s like 3000 diversity points. Of COURSE she’s qualified to solve this problem. Look for the murder rate to drop precipitously any day now. 🙄

    1. Another way to get the rate of violence down is to fire all the BPD officers involved in the Freddie Gray matter. That will placate the thugs for sure.

      1. Sure because sucking up to criminals instead of police doing their job is a great solution….
        Freddie Gray was career piece of trash, who accidentally killed himself in the commission of yet another crime..

    2. American Leftwing politics and crime compliment each other.

      1. Pat Caldwell says:

        Absolutely! I remember, “….give’em room”. Support of a criminal, i.e., Freddie Grey, no punishment for thugging, looting, burning, and all other crimes. I wouldn’t give BPD one minute of my time with black leaders in charge…all they want is to cuddle and protect the thugs!!!!

    3. Stan Olson says:

      I do believe she’s deeply disturbed, but not in the sense she thinks she is saying.

    4. Roger Lepus says:

      Baltimore is done. This is what happens when the city is run by Liberal/Progressive Democrats. This is a part of the black culture in Baltimore. They have handcuffed police and turn a blind eye to the vicious attacks by packs of young blacks. Per Capita, Baltimore is now the murder capital of the US. You get the government you deserve based on who you vote for.

    5. Whirly Bird says:

      This is ridiculous. The perpetrators are mostly known to law enforcement. Around the Inner Harbor it’s a group of “teens” that get off a school bus there. This isn’t rocket science. Put out some honey pots to attract these losers (Older white woman with cash showing in purse) and then knock some heads together and put them away for years. This isn’t some mystery group of stealthy villains. Use some brains, lure in the enemy and then take them out.

      1. The police they can’t do that, they will either say it is police brutality or profiling if they do.

    6. OK! OK! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! Political Correctness is out the window! We don’t need yet another news story to tell us where to lay the blame for urban violence – it’s hardly a secret and it is the “N word” . Yes, the Norwegians have to be stopped! High from snorting pharmaceutical grade lefse , these norggers will turn on you in an Oslo second! To your face it’s always “Have a fine day” but as soon as your back is turned they’re muttering a rage filled “Uff da!”. When not acting as the “muscle” for lutefisk smuggling king-pins, these gangs hang around on street corner and in parks taunting each other and frightening passers-by – about the size of their Johnsons. Norgger gangs like “The Bad Latitudes” and “The Baltic Boyz” whip each other into a frenzy that usually ends up in a display of public depravity where the gangs will publically measure each other’s Johnsons – and the recently neutered police are powerless to stop them! The Baltic Boyz have won bragging rights ever since 6′ 9″ Lars “Large Larry” Johnson became a “made man” in their gang. Large Larry literally inched out Bad Latitude’s 6’7″ Oleg “the Ostrich” Johnson in a toe-to-toe contest. Tension are still running high so be warned! If you see a gang of “teens” with their pants hiked-up over their waistlines and packing some high capacity King Oscar sardine cans – best walk the other way!

    7. John Dendy says:

      The Mayor is a huge part of the problem. The other part is the large number of blacks

    8. The problem is not Baltimore ,it is the inner city problem that is not unique to Baltimore.We have created a sub society nurtured by welfare .The looting ,arson, mob attacks on whites,mugging,home invasions,carjacking ,gang wars ,shooting by these so called “teens” goes unpunished and left on the streets

  2. I know what the problem is……

    1. ftomasic1961 says:

      we all do.

    2. Gene Rupp says:

      Shhh,,,people can’t handle the truth!

    3. David Koob says:

      The problem is that Baltimore doesn’t have enough Syrian Muslim refugees. If only Baltimore would increase its diversity, and tighten its gun laws so that only police and perps have firearms, everyone would be much safer.

  3. Rusty Taylor says:

    When you have the ghetto full of blacks on welfare, best to get out of town fast as you can. Welfare not only ruins the lives of those on it, but it ruins the lives of those living around it.

    1. jay10940 says:

      I lost my entire family there. They were picked off one by one. All of them. I got out just in time.

  4. Bob Owens says:

    BLM and it’s backers are proving that Darwin was wrong.

  5. Dave Fay says:

    Who could have foreseen this? Oh…wait, anyone with an IQ over 70.

    1. Fred Vasquez says:

      Which includes all the DemonRat voters!

  6. Neal Hyde says:

    How is this a shock to anyone? This is the cop-free love-in that progressives want and the natural outcome of their anti-police, anti-law, anti-civilization actions. Enjoy what they bought and paid for.

  7. rc33 says:

    Let’s put 6 more cops on trial. That ought to help.

  8. I guess they us to feel sorry for them, after watching them destroy their own city last year? NOT!

  9. jb80538 says:

    No normal person would want to live in Baltimore!

    1. No normal person would want to be a disrespected police officer in Baltimore. Where is BLM to patrol the streets?

  10. I remember that pregnant white girl beat up on the bus. I remember that white guy robbed and stripped.
    I also REMEMBER how your entire state went to the Democratic Party.
    I also know **who** are the “usual suspects”.

    1. Willy Smith says:

      According to years of City Paper Murder Ink articles, the problem is one community killing off its own, with open season on anyone near by…

  11. Rob Bruce says:

    When you demonise the police, what do you expect?

  12. “this is the most important thing we can do in this city and that’s to reduce the violence,” Pugh said.”

    And yet it escalates. With her own words she admits incompetence.

  13. This has to be fake news. Baltimore is a gun-free zone, with compassionate Democrat leadership and a high percentage of peace loving minorities.

  14. Memo to Baltimore residents:

    Stop voting for Democrats and violent crime in your city will go down.


    Everyone with an IQ above 50

  15. This left wing mayor bashes and criticizes the cops and then wonders why no one wants to join the force DAH!

  16. There is no solution except to build a wall around the city and let the animals eat each other. At least then the land can be reclaimed.

  17. She’s “disturbed?” how can you honestly say that when it’s the policies of your own party that ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE VIOLENCE???? You have been paying these people to be non productive baby making machines for decades…no fathers, no decent parenting, and now you have multiple generations of impoverished ghetto dwellers that “need” to commit crime to survive…THIS IS YOUR FAULT!! and to top it off, your party refuses to allow law abiding citizens to carry so they can defend themselves…it doesn’t get any more immoral…If any of my loved ones become a victim of the terror YOU have created I will be hunting politicians…

  18. Black Lives Matter in action! You reap what you sow!

  19. Addressing the problem?

    Every country|population on earth was at one time or another subject to a period of slavery| feudalism- only American blacks aren’t getting over it.

    All 7.6+ billion earthlings are in the same sinking boat- only American blacks complain, are ‘outraged’ and destroy, while everybody else is stuffing leaks and drawing water with ever new buckets.

    Most people are learning from their experiences- American blacks keep doing the same old criminal attempts at ‘living’, dragging everybody else down.

    All other countries but the US are fighting about religion- American blacks invented ‘racism’- judging people by their appearance instead of their attitude toward each-other, golden rule wise… etc. pp.

    The answer to this cancer is to take away their citizenship (the bible is a little more drastic, where Ishmaelites, tares, goats and the wicked are concerned…)

  20. End welfare for criminals. Sterilize criminals. Build more jails. Execute murderers. End protection for juvenile criminals.

  21. Lester Freemon needs to come out of retirement and reconstitute the Major Crimes Unit.
    Have MacNauglty, Bunk and Greggs…Herc and Carver start banging some heads..the Western District way….Things will turn around.

  22. Pretty sure that if we vote for more democrats the problem will be solved…SARC!

  23. cap77 says:

    No doubt Amazon wants to come to Charm City!

  24. City administration attacks police, destroys moral, allows rioters to have space to destroy businesses sees police retiring or leaving faster than replacements can be found and now is “disturbed” by the violence by emboldened BLM supporters?

    Obtuse or naive in Baltimore?

  25. Don McCoy says:

    The mayor is as responsible as the police chief! When will folks realize that this is the STANDARD result for a large city when it suffers DECADES of Democrat “leadership”?

  26. Don Jasper says:

    As a Black person I would never live Balt-ganistan.

  27. Who wants to be a cop in Baltimore? Anyone? Anyone?

  28. Fred Garvin says:

    More cops will not solve this problem. Those pulling the strings know this. What you need is a competing economic underclass, that is a degree more manageable and industrious, but not crippled by politically correct conventions of identity politics. Who could that be? Perhaps the resistance to immigration and border walls becomes more understandable.

  29. At least they aren’t having a problem with the police shooting unarmed black men.

  30. biglouie15 says:

    It looks like dem controlled cities and states are criminal hunting grounds. However, for as much as the residents complain about the violence, they are the ones who voted the politicians into office and are the ones protesting police brutality. Maybe they NFL players who are kneeling in the stadiums need to kneel in those communities?

  31. The oldest lesson in the world is the punishment of people by granting their own wishes.

    Go back and read some children’s parables, or Greek Mythology (if you can get past the “whiteness”) and learn a lesson or two.

  32. Carl Ball says:

    nothing is as worse as chicago! black on black killings are up all over the country! i guess your lives don’t matter especially dem! they give you lip service while the killings continue!

  33. Herb Rapoza says:

    Sigh….. I remember the good old days, when The Block was up and running. Watch a few shows, grab a midnight snack at Polack Johnnies. Then, of course, they had the “clean up” the place.

  34. John Fogarty says:

    Years of democratic social justice control and this is where you wind up. Prosecute the police without justification also helps. In spite of those cases being thrown out they all now have to go through an internal investigation kangaroo court to find some other reason why they were wrong. And, the police dept. itself is out of control with the gun control task force under indictments for a number of justified charges. The police commissioner has no idea what goes on in his department and is a total failure. For all these reasons it is unimaginable that anyone would want to be a cop in this rathole.

  35. Nothing is going to happen in these deep blue cities until the race baiting politicians start getting beat/carjacked/shot

  36. David James says:

    Baltimore has a fever, and the only cure is more diversity.

  37. Sam Dennis says:

    Secret Memo From Mayor’s Office to Police Commissioner: STAND DOWN!

  38. Blue state, gun control, leaving the law abiding as victims. Cops prevent nothing, they come after the fact.
    Keep voting Dem and the murder rate will continue to increase.
    How does it feel living in fear . . . in the U.S. of all places?
    Liberal policies do nothing.

  39. John Dillon says:

    You mean to tell me, cops are getting killed on the job for not reacting appropriately to dangerous violence because they’re sitting ducks? What happens if they do respond appropriately and put the criminals down? You think the cops will be taken to court for doing their job? You think that has something to do with the crime rate? Shocked… Here’s a thought: maybe you should side with the cops occasionally instead of the thugs that “need to have their space” to riot and not follow our laws. You know, that law thing. Such a hard thing to understand.

  40. Carl Edward says:

    Is this the mayor who said the rioters need their space?

  41. James Cygnus says:

    “I am deeply disturbed about the violence and this is the number one priority of the City. Finding and bringing all of the white people responsible for this crime, whether directly or indirectly, to justice is the key.” she said.

  42. Tom Truther says:

    This is what happens in a corrupt capitalist system where a few individuals horde all the wealth of a country. Capitalism is the best sytem but it is presently too corrupt with too few controls.

  43. GOD Bless this detective and all Police in this city and around the country. I have no sympathy for you that live in Baltimore because you vote for democrats every year. They are the problem but so are you. Until you stop being PC and go after the people that are responsible for this it will only grow worse. We all no who is responsible. They are taught to hate from the moment they are born and to blame someone else for their issues no matter how minor. They run the schools, they beat up teachers daily but are not held responsible because you see it is the “mans fault”. Get the government out of education and turn it back over to the states. Pick up your kids history books and look inside about what they are taught. Indoctrination. The sad part also is that it happens in church also. I used to care but I do not care anymore. I just want to never be around them and I am not talking about all. I feel sorry for the blacks that have seen the light and know the truth and how embarrassed and ashamed they must feel for what is going on in every large democrat city in the country. Take care of your city and get involved in your community. Write those letters and send those emails and pay attention to who you vote for. It matters.

  44. PS Galvanek says:

    Wait a just one second … the mayor says they’re hiring more cops as fast as they can and this will help? But all those fist pumping, knee taking thugs in the NFL and NBA keep telling us the police ARE the problem. Seriously though, Baltimore … Maryland … you’ve made your own bed with your corrupt leftist politics so no sympathy for you.

  45. Its quite easy to see the problem in Ballymore- if you only have eyes to see it.Everyone on this blog knows what the REAL issue is- read some of them mayor. It’s obvious you don’t get it- but they do!

  46. Todd Painton says:

    Baltimore, Detroit and Chicago are all excellent examples of what happens when liberals have complete control of a city. They have no one else to blame. They made their beds in a very bad way. Now, they call for more police presence?? That’s funny, because a year ago, they were blaming the police for genocide.

  47. John Aita says:

    you blamed the cops for everything and basically kicked them out of your city. you morons. reap it.

  48. Black homicide offender rate = 12.37 per 100,000
    White homicide offender rate = 1.42 per 100,000
    …any questions?

  49. Dear people of Detroit- ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

  50. Dale Warren says:

    Isn’t this the same Baltimore mayor who told law enforcement to stand down and give rioters room to riot? Chicago and Baltimore exhibit and embody the amoral, lawless, violent anarchy at the heart core of radical, alt-Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrat philosophy, policies, and practices. A vote for a radical, alt-Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrat at the local, state, or national level is a vote for crime, violence, and anarchy.

  51. Everyone knows what the problem is…but no one wants to tell the truth.
    Nothing will change as the same solutions are offered by Liberal Democrats who want to get reelected.

  52. Will Rogers says:

    Whatever you do, don`t make the black kids angry

  53. Time to ease the stupid restrictions on concealed carry in MD

  54. Is this not the same place / DA that tried (unsuccessfully) to prosecute the cops for the in custody death?

  55. Chris Beyer says:

    But the only thing black football players who won’t stand for our National Anthem are concerned about is rare instances of inappropriate police actions against blacks. All this black on black violence seems to be fine with them. How truly idiotic.

  56. All chocolate cities are pathetic failures.

  57. But…………………. I thought Baltimore had some of the strictest gun laws in the nation! Maybe they need a national convention of BLM and Antifa to calm down the folks – LOL.

  58. These types should be yanked from civilization to a life sentence on some ginormous prison farm where they can be useful growing crops & feeding the rest of us who want to live in peace.

  59. This is what happens when the mayor “gives those who wish to destroy space to do that.”

  60. Where you have Africans living and ruling, there you have Africa.

  61. John Ruppe says:

    Baltimore Mayor: ‘Gave Those Who Wished to Destroy Space to Do That’


  62. mustcrochet says:

    Another city run by a liberal Democrat. You’d think people would learn….look at Detroit and Chicago. Why are these people constantly being elected and re-elected? Liberals think more government is the answer to everything. All it does is create a society that can’t take care of itself, has no discipline and has the sense of entitlement for everything. Republicans aren’t the savior here….there are just as many idiots in the Republican party. However, a conservative viewpoint where you are responsible for your own actions, your own life and need to get a job instead of relying on welfare…this will change things. Enough is enough.

  63. When politicians use the police as whipping boys for their failures is any wonder why their are not enough police. Bet the police do no policing except when they are dispached to a call. Who in their right mind would work under these conditions. Voters get the kind of government they vote for, so live with it or move!

  64. David Grimes says:

    Oh, come on Mayor. They just need some room to blow off some steam. Isn’t that what you said about rioters?

    What’s the difference?

  65. He Baltimore don’t whine to me as you are the ones that voted these Democrats into office just like Chicago and Detroit. Just what did you expect. So don’t whine to me, you did it to yourself.

  66. John Dallas says:

    Maybe if we all knelt for the National Anthem, this would all go away.

  67. When BPD and SA charge 6 officers for simply arresting recidivist criminals like Freddie Gray, it does not take a rocket science to figure out the criminals are no longer afraid of police. When I started in Eighties, a good “wood shampoo” could be given and the criminal element respected that. Now???

  68. David Kachel says:

    I have never been to Baltimore. I don’t know anyone in Baltimore. Don’t know anything about Baltimore. Yet I somehow magically know who is committing all these murders. How do you suppose that is possible?! (Must be psychic powers.)

  69. Joe Schmoes says:

    I’m sure those 200 new hires are some high quality folk. Bottom of the barrel anyone? This is all on the mayor who set the tone by pandering to rioting thugs…her people. You are reaping what you and your ilk sowed for years. As an infamous radical leftist preacher remarked, “Looks like them chickens is comin’ home…ta roooooooost!”

  70. Alan Liss says:

    When you elect a Dem mayor that supports Blm thugs over cops – this is what you get – cops that don’t do their jobs and anarchy in the streets.

  71. When you give those things a city, they turn the city into a shThole.
    Anything not nailed down is stolen.
    Anything with a heartbeat is shot at.
    Baltimore is more like the Congo. Every ape is armed. A true zombieland.

    Can’t live with them. Won’t live near them.

  72. Just want to extend a hearty thanks to former president, Barack Obama for his racial activism and fanning of the flames of racial animosity to the point where, what was once at worst, smoldering, is now a blazing almost uncontrollable inferno.

  73. Greg Hawkins says:

    How do they even find guys to take that job in Baltimore?

  74. Alan Smithee says:

    When the mayor moves to the hood, I may believe she is concerned.

  75. With leadership like this I am betting on the criminals.

  76. Phil Davison says:

    The Inner Harbor actually had a glimmer years ago of a city that recovered. Then the Mayor told them it’s OK to burn it down. Democrat Mayors like Rahm Emmanuel keep getting reelected by the victims!!! Go figure???

  77. Eric C Spero says:

    Keep voting Democrat Baltimore, things have never been better!

  78. The decades of voting 95+% for Democrats has relegated the black community to the status of political pawns and useful idiots.  Their inner city illiteracy rates often exceed 50%, black unemployment is two to three times surrounding communities, and Obama’s “open borders” policy has made that much worse. Bureau of Justice Statistics say that blacks were charged with 62% of all robberies, 57% of murders and 45% of assaults in the 75 largest U.S. counties though they made up roughly 15% of the population there. 64% of all police deaths on the job are caused by murderous negros.

    Blacks have set records for government dependency, and for fatherless families and high unemployment rates which all have their roots in the liberal policies of the socialist elites running the Democratic Party.

    Obama, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have created the most corrupt Administration and Justice Department in US history suggesting a lack of ethics even extends to the black community’s upper crust.

    And now, with the rocketing upswing of shootings and deaths since Ferguson, as well as the mass murder by a depraved bigot in Dallas, Democrats have much more to answer for than just the consequences of a greedy and selfish political posture.

    Look toward the most dysfunctional, dependent and murderous communities in the country and you will find decades of control by corrupt and self-serving Democratic Party politicians.

  79. One simple policy change:

    For every lovely on the dole,
    Mandatory birth control.

  80. There has to be a crackdown now on those dangerous white supremacists.

  81. They don’t need more cops. They need fewer criminals. Build more prisons and mental institutions, and start leaving people in them.

  82. Samuel Green says:

    Baltimore deserves ZERO sympathy, the Baltimore people are the ones to blame, when they elect stuck on stupid mayors, such as Mayor Stephanie, a mayor that ORDERED the police to stand down and let the city riot and burn, well you get ZERO sympathy.

    It’s ENTIRELY YOUR fault. Having a mayor that doesn’t like nor appreciate police officers, is absurd. And Baltimore’s restrictive gun laws are really working out for Baltimore. Where the criminals are armed to the teeth, and law abiding citizens are SHEEP.

    The Baltimore mayor has a security detail at her beck and call to protect her loved ones. Something the average person does not. Then add telling the police to let the city riot, well that isn’t exactly a conduit for calm and peace.

    Actions have consequences, disarming the general public isn’t wise and your statistics on violent crime only prove my words to be true.

    Want my sympathy, elect better leaders who aren’t stuck on stupid.

  83. “Deeply disturbed” = “I have no idea what to do”.

  84. “Anti-racists” say there’s a RACE problem. They say it’ll be solved when non-Whites pour into ALL & ONLY White nations and “assimilate” to get a brown mixture.

    They say only White nations have this RACE problem; they say non-White nations are fine.

    If I object to my own genocide these “anti-racists” say I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  85. David Birch says:

    Simply look at the racial demographics of Baltimore city… there is your answer.

  86. John Jupiter says:

    this gun violence is NOT committed by White people………….so you can’t blame us

  87. Yet another democrat mayor, in a city dominated by democrats, with an anti-police and pro thug mentality, reaping the poisonous harvest that is predictable.

  88. Russ Agrusa says:

    Just keep voting for the liberals … and buying body armor.

  89. It is statistically impossible to stay alive when living amongst the pavement apes.

  90. Take a knee for the oppressed gangsters, wilding teens, and criminals that now OWN Baltimore. You folks created it with your Freddy Gray protests and your criminal attack on LEOs. I would not step foot in your city limits for ten minutes if they paid me to.

  91. This past summer my wife and I were traveling and our trip took us through Maryland….. Even though it took us out of our way I made sure we made a wide berth around Baltimore. No way am I going to get anywhere near that hell hole and that was in the daytime.

  92. Scott Gunn says:

    Maryland has very tough gun laws. everyone needs to be patient for them to work. Just like Chicraq( Chicago). Baltimorganistan is the same.

  93. Neal Angel says:

    An influx of whites added within the city? Oh, never mind. He said, “an influx of lights…” Not quite the same thing.

  94. “They just don’t understand the pain, terror and hurt that they cause,” said Martin.

    Of course they understand mayor. The “pain, hurt and terror” is the point of the violence; not the byproduct. The fact you don’t understand this (like most progressives) is why it will continue.

  95. Brian Smyth says:

    Yeah we know that the Democrat mayor is deeply disturbed. Maybe Baltimore will smarten up next election but I highly doubt it. Democrats prove time and again that you can’t fix stupid.

  96. It is not the only cause but the NFL Players have to take some ownership for violence in Baltimore. After all they are in some cases the same people who say the National Anthem is Racist. As long as moving ahead means you are as profoundly stupid as NFL Football Players, there is not much hope for our inner-cities. You can work your way out of poverty but not out of stupidity it seems.

  97. Stop paying welfare moms to have more children, only way to reduce this problem

  98. Gil Vietor says:

    Maybe you should just do like that other idiot lady did, “give them a place to destroy”.

  99. Brett Reefer says:

    This is what happens when you punish the police for doing their job. Things will get worse. A lot worse.

  100. Rick Fischer says:

    BLM tells us the police ARE the problem. Fire ALL the police: problem solved.

  101. Steven Evers says:

    Who, in their right mind would ever want to be a cop in Baltimore now?

  102. Only one way to stop the violence but the politicians won’t go there.

    You take the leash off the dog. You don’t ask questions when the dog bites.

    Mid 1970’s and the drug dealers had taken over an entire area of Harlem in New York City. The residents complained and the Mayor told the Police Commissioner to take action. The Police Commissioner told Chief Johnston (God Bless Him) to clean it up. Chief Johnston took the Anti Crime teams (Plain Clothes Patrol Officers) and the Street Drug Enforcement Units of all the surrounding Precincts and formed them into a Task Force. A couple of hundred Police Officers. He sent undercover Officers into the area to identify the buildings, Social Clubs and storefronts that were being used by the drug dealers. It’s called Intelligence gathering for Search Warrants.

    Chief Johnston backed up his Task Force with additional uniformed units and had transport units standing by. The Manhattan District Attorney Office ordered no release without high bail and full prosecution of all felony arrests made in that area.

    Chief Johnston orders to his Task force were simple. “Officers you have two weeks to clean the area up.” The operation started on a Monday night at 4 PM. The bad guys never knew what hit them. On Monday and Tuesday hundreds of arrests were made. By Wednesday night the bad guts figured out what was going on and left the area.

    Order was restored. Chief Johnston had unleashed his dogs. His best dogs. The Anti Crime Officers and Precinct Drug Teams were not people who played games. They did what had to be done. I remember talking to some of those Officers who told us “Were the drug dealers ever surprised when we hit them.”

  103. Remember the famous last words of Rhett Butler: “Frankly Scarlett, we CAN’T just all get along”!

  104. Dan Auton says:

    Proof again that “The Ferguson Effect” is real

  105. Since the voters wanted a sanctuary city they have one. Everyone can come and go and do as they please. Works out really great. But when you allow and tolerate these types of actions and do exactly nothing this is what you get. And very sadly the population of your city has now reached the point that the working/tax paying people are now a minority so the people elected to lead you are chosen by the people who do nothing productive/worth while but do receive the many benefits given by the people they now elect to office based on what they will give them for free or they will increase their benefits. You have a city ruled by drugs, gangs and murder and there is nothing you or anyone can do to change it, BUT move yourself and your family away. There is more money in crime than work and if you are an official to be blind is too be rich. So I can feel for you but you let this monster loose and now you have no way to kill or control it. What was once a beautiful vibrant city is now a cesspool of racial hate , ruled by the spiteful, hateful and greedy. My heart goes out to you..

  106. Dan Sutton says:

    “Unless you have more actively involved law enforcement, then I don’t know how this is going to end,” Baltimore resident Steve Bono. “We just can’t keep finger pointing, everyone has to take some responsibility.”

    Uh…. you mean the police that you claim are racist, and are only there to shoot law abiding black men? And when the police do arrive after a black man was shot by another black man, and they ask who saw what happened, or does anyone know who did it, what is the responses?
    Yet that same guy that shot the black man is known by everyone, but they’re too afraid of their own people to speak up. “Snitches get stitches” after all. The same police who you protest when a black man with a long criminal record gets hurt or shot while fighting the police you are asking to be “..more actively involved…” in preventing murders?


  107. Gene Easley says:

    The immorality in America is approaching its zenith, only a miraculous reset can save us

  108. Holli Wood says:

    Who really cares. It’s Baltimore for god’s sake. They elected these fools, so let them live with the consequences. Jjust please, don’t ask the rest of us to bail them out.

  109. Jeff Conway says:

    Wait, I’m confused. I thought the real threat to black men were racist cops?

  110. Mike Miller says:


    Got my popcorn and whiskey and it’s


  111. Dave Wruck says:

    Isn’t anarchy pretty much the logical end game of a war on cops?

  112. Bob Ho says:


  113. “I’m actually thinking about moving out of the state,” one woman said.

    Don’t bring your Democrat anti-police, #BLM voting habits with you.

  114. Look toward the most dysfunctional, dependent and murderous communities in the country and you will find decades of control by corrupt and self-serving Democratic Party politicians.

  115. I’m pretty sure that if they pass another totally ineffective law, misdirected as usual at peaceable citizens, unconstitutionally restricting “arms”, it’ll solve the problem within days.

  116. Bubba Podunk says:

    We have a city like yours here in Alabama. It’s called Birmingham, and it’s where we put all of them peoples who are gangsta thug wannabees. Us white folks stay away, and are even building interstate roadways to drive around it

  117. Baltimore will not be safe as long as there is Confederate Statues in the City, remove the statues and crime will instantly stop.

  118. Terry Hall says:

    look the answer is simple bring back stop and frisk and you will have your gun control. but libbys do not want stop and frisk so this is a waste of time enjoy

  119. Democrats run these cities because Republicans ran away from the responsibility. Republicans have no ideas or solutions. Just ask them what they would do on any subject, they have nothing.

  120. Alton Crisp says:

    Why would anyone want to be a police officer in Bmore? The previous Democratic administration showed a distinct willingness to prosecute officers for social justice motives.

  121. Every place that does not have enough “Whiteness” (i.e. those horrible higher society building white people) have this problem – especially any place with a majority of people with black skin. The problem is a low average IQ – a society will only be as “enlightened” as the average IQ of its citizens. When all the higher IQ people run out of an area to get away from the lower IQ thugs one gets what is happening in Baltimore. Not rocket science.

  122. “They just don’t understand the pain, terror and hurt that they cause,” said Martin.

    And you, Ms Martin, are doing what exactly to “make” them understand?

  123. Baltimore is having a hard time hiring new police officers. Gee, I can’t imagine why with the Demonicrats that are running the city. I’m more surprised that they have any left. Wait till the current police officers hear there are good paying jobs opening up all over the country since Trump was elected.

  124. Chas Farmer says:

    Isn’t this the same Mayor who said let them riot and blow off steam? Why is she still in office? You can not turn to the ones who created the problem and then ask them to solve it.

  125. What will it take? A new mayor who has an IQ higher than her shoe size. It’s not about more cops, it’s about supporting the cops when they try to do their jobs and not trying to crucify them like they did in the Freddie Gray case. Who the hell would want to be a cop in that environment?

  126. Scott Norris says:

    As long as blacks continue to espouse the “kill whitey and kill the police” mentality, they will be excoriated and lambasted by decent people. Of course, the blacks in Baltimore blame all of this on Trump I’m sure as he’s guilty of everything.

  127. Rob Johnson says:

    Democrat controlled city. Happens every time. Liberalism, which is really just disguised marxist leninism, communism, always produces degradation, decay, violence and destruction where ever it goes. Liberalism, leftism, is a completely failed philosophy. It says that white racism and capitalism is to blame for everything. It rejects intelligence, common sense, religious values, family, faith, personal responsibility. Baltimore is the result. Everyone who can afford to will leave Baltimore, leaving it a dark, smoking, hollowed out core of a once great city.

  128. Get some new conservative blood in the offices and let them empower the police to the maximum effect. We all know what is the base of this is—13% The same in every large city-nationwide-

  129. African leadership,
    African population,
    You get Africa.
    Any questions?