BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore state lawmaker, Nathaniel T. Oaks, has been indicted on an additional federal charge after authorities say he agreed to help the FBI, then tipped off the person they were investigating.

The latest charge against Nathaniel Oaks comes after authorities say Oaks agreed to help the FBI by recording his conversations with someone they were investigating.

But instead of cooperating with the FBI, Oaks is accused of tipping off the target about the FBI investigation.

He was indicted Wednesday on a charge of obstruction of justice. He was already facing charges of wire fraud, honest services wire fraud, and violations of the Travel Act for reportedly accepting bribes to help businesses.

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The obstruction of justice charge was brought after authorities say he agreed to help the FBI investigate someone, but during the investigation, he is accused of going up to him in an Annapolis bar and saying, “What we talked about, just say no.”

He then saw the person again in a government building in Annapolis and said, “I’m going to ask you for something, just say no.”

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Comments (2)
  1. Kevin Miller says:

    Is this fellow a “lawmaker” or a “lawbreaker?”

    He is an embarrassment to the fine people of our city and our state.

    I hope he finally gets the justice he deserves and has the prison guards remove that ridiculous “hat” that he wears. He stole some poor bird’s nest and threw it on his thick, stupid skull.

    Who knows, he may have some inmates make him their “boyfriend.” He will then get a taste of the same treatment he gave Baltimore’s citizens.

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