Hi Everyone!

Short, sweet, and to the point. Gonna be a sunny day. A chilly day, but a calm one for sure. Midler tomorrow and through the weekend. As a weathercaster I am beyond thankful for that! I enjoy seeing holiday themed ad’s on TV these days. But the weather plays into them big time. By that I mean all the snowfall themed  scenes;

Here’s Dad looking out his window at the new car, in the driveway, with the bow on it. In the snow.

There is Aunt and Uncles house decorated for the holiday, with family arriving…in the snow.

And the beat goes on. Yet no one is upset about horrible driving conditions, being trapped inside with bored kids for day’s etc., etc.!                                                                                                                                     As someone who does snow shows, hours’ worth of live shots in horrible conditions,  and heck just having to drive into the station on unplowed roads..It just makes me laugh. A good laugh though. In reality I think everyone would rather have sunny skies with seasonal temps if not even milder. But the reality of the commercial world is what set’s that Christmas cozy, and warm feeling. And so it goes.

And is there anything really wrong with that? Nope.

Have a fine Thanksgiving Day, and be safe!


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