BALTIMORE (WJZ) — More than a month after surviving being shot in the head, a victim of the deadly Edgewood workplace shooting speaks only with WJZ about a frightening setback that sent him back to the hospital days after being discharged.

Enoc Sosa is back home with his family, and he tells WJZ’s George Solis he has plenty to be thankful for more than a month after the horror that unfolded inside Advance Granite Solutions.

He opened up about his recovery, his fellow co-worker’s recovery, and even shared some thoughts on the tragic murder of Baltimore PD detective Sean Suiter.

“Someone just ran down the road and said somebody was shot. Advanced Granite Solutions. Somebody’s been shot,” could be heard in one of the 911 calls following a shooting at Advanced Granite Solutions.

Three men lost their lives that day in October after authorities say their co-worker, Radee Prince, opened fire on them.

Sosa was one the two men who survived.

WJZ was there in early November, as the Sosa family rejoiced when he discharged.

“Do you believe in miracles? Look at me, a miracle,” Sosa said after being released.

It was happiness that was temporarily halted.

Four days after being home, Sosa was back in the hospital a week after having medical complications that required surgery.

“I was kinda scared because I was leaving my kids behind, and I tell them I’ll be back before you get out of school, and doctor said, no,” Sosa said.

Now back home, he says he continues to be thankful for the continued support from the community and his family.

“My heart right here. Love my family. Love my wife. I love everybody,” he added.

He also tells WJZ he’s been in touch with fellow co-worker and survivor Jose Gillen.

“He tells me he’s doing good,” Sosa said. “All his stitches, he’s doing good. I’m glad that he’s doing okay, because I’m doing okay so far.”

Enoc also briefly spoke on the murder of Baltimore police detective Sean Suiter.

“I was totally devastated because the guy was in the same situation I was,” Sosa said.

Sosa was back at the hospital at the same time Suiter was rushed to Shock Trauma.

“I still pray for his family because he has a lot of kids too, and I hope one day they find the right guy who did it to him.”

Sosa says that despite any challenges on his road to recovery, through faith and love, there’s nothing he can’t overcome.

He’s trying to keep a very positive attitude about everything he’s been through. He says he’s eager to get back to his normal routine, but is unsure when he’ll be able to go back to work

Prince was captured in Delaware hours after the shooting, he faces charges there and here in Maryland.

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