BALTIMORE (WJZ) — This week is Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, and AAA says there are tools older drivers can use to lower their chances of getting into an accident.

Older drivers have a lower chance of surviving a car crash than younger drivers. That’s why AAA mid-Atlantic is raising awareness on how they can stay safe at this special time.

Older driver Frank Wells got his driver’s license more than four decades ago. He tells WJZ’s Amy Yensi that the years have made him less alert.

“I’ve come pretty close to having more accidents with old age,” he said. His solution, was adding blind spot mirrors to his car.

Drivers playing it safe and adapting cars to their physical ability is exactly what Older Driver Safety Awareness Week is all about.

According to AAA mid-Atlantic, older drivers who get into car crashes are twice as likely to die than younger drivers.

“There are physical things that happen with your body that make you more at risk. Your body is obviously a little weaker, so you’re more likely to be injured if you are involved in a crash,” says Regina Cooper Avarella, of AAA.

Traffic safety program manager, Myra Weiman, says newer car models already come with features that older drivers should look for, like telescope steering, wheels that are easier to grip, and adjustable seats that make up for the stature.

“An after market product they can use is called a handy bar.” says Weiman. “And starting in 2018, all new cars will come with back up camera. But older and younger drivers should still check for other cars the old fashioned way.”

There are also add-ons that can enhance any vehicle for better comfort and mobility.

Weiman said, “So all these features can help older drivers or even those that have lost flexibility, but maybe they want to buy a vehicle for the long road, ’til the end.”

Last year, 94 older drivers died in car crashes here in Maryland.

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