By Kimberly Eiten

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Governor Larry Hogan said “enough is enough,” as he released details of a new, comprehensive crime plan at a press conference Tuesday.

The governor is coming after lawbreakers on Baltimore’s streets, and took emergency action to combat the record violence.

Hogan announced the formation of a new “Maryland Criminal Intelligence Network” that will assist police and prosecutors in “going after and taking down the people who are responsible for so much of the violence” in the state.

The plan includes dropping borders for police and prosecutors, and pushing tougher laws against repeat offenders.

State police agencies, even some federal agencies, are already here on local turf.

On Tuesday, Gov. Hogan erased some jurisdictional boundaries to help Baltimore police hunt down the city’s most dangerous criminals.

While flanked by a rainbow of uniforms, Gov. Hogan erased the jurisdictional boundaries on law enforcement badges, by announcing the emergency action in the heart of Maryland’s most deadly city.

“County lines do not deter, or even slow down criminals, and now they will no longer be road blocks for those brave and dedicated men and women who are trying to stop them,” Hogan said.

With Baltimore’s body count ticking above 320 murders in 2017 so far, a crime fighting network will combat the city’s most dangerous criminals.

Maryland State Police will now help Baltimore police serve dangerous warrants.

200 state parole officers will be chasing down probation violators, and 80 U.S. Marshals sweeping the city looking for the trigger pullers who straddle both sides of the law.

“The sad reality is that one day someone is the shooter, and the next day they are the victim,” Hogan said.

He’s ordering Maryland State Police, Maryland Transit Administration Police, Maryland Transportation Authority Police and Maryland Capitol Police “to expand vehicular land and boat patrol tactics” to “establish a more visible police presence in high crime areas and those suffering from marked increases in violent crimes.”

Next month, the governor will propose tougher laws aimed at gang members and repeat criminals.

The sentencing legislation would erase the possibility of early prison release for second time violent criminals, and make them ineligible for parole.

For the city’s illegal gun slingers, new laws would double the minimum penalty.

“Let me be crystal clear, I have absolutely no tolerance whatsoever for these repeat violent offenders and these criminal gangs causing lawlessness in our streets,” Hogan added.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis issued the following statement to WJZ:

“I know the Mayor and Governor are working collaboratively with the Baltimore Police Department to reduce violence in Baltimore. Designating additional State resources and enhancing ongoing initiatives are appreciated by me and the men and women of the Baltimore Police Department.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve on the Governor’s Council on Gangs and Violent Criminal Networks.”

The governor said state and city housing are also working together to target vacant properties for tear down in the city’s highest crime neighborhoods, adding that he’s taking away places for criminals to hide.

Last week, the governor expressed doubts in Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh’s plans to fight violent crime. Her office has not commented after Tuesday’s press conference.

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  1. Joe Yeti says:

    FINALLY! Now how do you fix the judges who allow catch and release?

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