BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore’s officials will see an increase in their pay to start 2018.

Our media partners at The Baltimore Sun report the Board of Estimates will speak about the pay increases during Wednesday’s meeting.

Starting on January 1, Mayor Catherine Pugh’s salary will go up from $176,000 to more than $180,000. The salaries for City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young and Comptroller Joan Pratt will increase from $116,000 to more than $119,000.

City Council Vice President Sharon Mddleton’s salary will also increase from about $75,000 to nearly $77,000. City council members whose jobs are considered part-time, will increase from $67,000 to more than $69,000.

Liquor board commissioners, whose jobs are also considered part-time, will get a small increase to their salaries that will bring them to just over $30,000.

The pay increases come after the City Council passed a law in 2007 that entitles elected officials to an automatic 2.5 percent raise if any union employees receive a raise in the city budget.

Workers for several city unions received 2 percent raises this year as part of a $2.8 billion spending plan that was approved in June.

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Comments (3)
  1. Joe Yeti says:

    Of course they are going to get pay raises they have done such a wonderful job of letting this once great city turn into a third world hell hole like Chicago. THANKS MAYOR!

  2. Let’s see: Crime is out of control. Baltimore now has the second highest murder rate in the US. There are random attacks in the “nice” neighborhood, where gangs of thugs are beating people up for no reason, and the mayor and city council are helpless to stop it. Schools are failing miserably, with 1 out of 4 students not even attending class on any given day. The principals are making up to $179,000 a year to run failing schools. The tax rate is double the nearest jurisdiction, the water bills are out of this world. So tell me, why are they getting raises???? Oh, that’s right. They removed some statues, and past a proclamation condemning Trump. Now those are real accomplishments!!!!!!

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