Hi Everyone!

It’s the beginning of a long holiday weekend. It a mild start for sure with a daytime high, today, of 55° in our forecast. And no surprises in that outlook. The forecast we have been discussing over the past 24 hours looks intact. AND I do have a bit of a present for you….

We have been discussing a Low headed offshore Christmas Eve and we now see that Low making a left and running up the coast. It will be far enough to sea that a large weather issue is not in the cards. But it will throw some moisture back inland, and onto some chilly air. Some mixed precip may, indeed, fall overnight Christmas Eve. Nothing that will cause big difficulties but, parents, enough that Santa may have an easier time landing that sled on the roof. :-))

Another note parents. If you go online to NORAD, (search it out), they will be tracking Santa’s journey for ya starting the morning of Christmas eve. It is a cool thing they do you can share with the kids.

Enjoy this weekend. I hope it becomes EVERYTHING you hope it will be.

T.G.I.F.,..ain’t it the truth!


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