By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

Well the pressure is off. And that is making this cold snap, at least, tolerable. Let me explain. Before the beginning of the Winter season people are always wondering, asking, (or both), how will the season be. Will it be cold? When will it get cold? And so on.

Many times we are, in the early Winter, looking over our shoulders waiting for the “shoe to fall.” Well it just has. No more looking over your shoulder, No more stress about “when”. Liberating actually. Dress warmly, and move on. Each day is one day closer to a warm up. And we actually have a slight warm up on the way.

As a “Clipper”, (a fast moving Low), travels East and slightly North of us, it will pull some milder air up the eastern seaboard. We will get to the low 30s. Still well below the normal, which is now down to 42°, but it beats 26° with a 16° wind-chill.

Overall it remains cold through at least mid-week next week. But no worries. Suspense ended, and we are one day closer to its end.

– MB!

P.S. A bit of a tip for ya. Put your coat on 5 to 10 minutes before you leave your home. Let your body warm it up from the inside. You will be warmer when you do get outside. Legit.


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