Saginaw, Michigan (WNEM) — During the holiday many people like travel to see family and for pet owners that often means bringing them along for the ride.

However, one woman’s visit to Mid-Michigan took a turn for the worst after her best friend went missing.

“Shelby, come on pretty girl let’s go home, come on,” said Rachel Venable.

Those were the desperate pleas of Venable. She was looking for her missing dog named Shelby.

“She’s my best friend and I know she’s scared,” Venable said. “It’s the holiday season, there’s going to be a lot of traffic. I don’t want her to get hit by a car, heaven forbid or something like that.”

Venable and her sister, Alyssa, traveled with their dog from Baltimore to visit family over the holidays.

They dropped Shelby off at a friend’s house so they could go to a Memorial Service downstate.

That’s when the nightmare began.

She somehow escaped from the backyard and was lost in an area she’s unfamiliar with that was more than 600 miles away from home.

To make matters worse, the clock was ticking on finding Shelby because Venable needed to go back to Baltimore.

More than 1,500 people followed Shelby’s journey on a Facebook page created to help track her whereabouts. Alyssa said a couple kept spotting the cattle dog near their home. The couple said they went to let their dogs outside Tuesday, January 2 when they spotted Shelby in their yard.

They called Alyssa and were able to reunite the two.

Alyssa was supposed to return to Baltimore that morning.

Shelby was then taken to a local vet where they gave her a clean bill of health. We’re told Chad Bell at Bell Landscaping has covered the medical costs for the dog.

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