BALTIMORE (WJZ)– How did a doctor with as many as 11 different aliases deliver babies, and perform surgeries for years—even after applying for federal help with a fake social security number?

A new class action lawsuit is now seeking answers.

The lawsuit—filed by Baltimore lawyer Jonathan Schochor—claims a hospital didn’t do their homework on “Dr. Charles Akoda.”

There’s no word on how many victims there could be, but Schochor said his office alone, has been contacted by nearly 300 people.

“You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to have figured this out,” Schochor said. “He obtained an unlawfully medical license in Maryland. He never had a lawful licence to practice medicine.”

In just one of many class action lawsuits filed against Prince George’s Hospital Center, Schochor said they didn’t do enough to verify the background of “Dr. Akoda.”

“If anybody at the hospital had done due diligence at the hospital they would have found out that this man had used three separate false permanent resident cards,” Schochor said.

In 2016, “Akdoa” whose real name, according to court records is Oluwafemi Igberase pleaded guilty to misusing a social security number to fraudulently obtain a Maryland medical license.

He reportedly used the same information to become certified and hired and even graduate from Howard University, but an FBI raid in 2016, uncovered a fake social security card with the Akoda name, along with a fake Nigerian passport, a fake U.S. visa, fake immigration documents, medical diplomas, transcripts, recommendation letters and birth certificates.

Jasmine Tinsely was one of Akoda’s patients. She says Akoda delivered her son. The experience has scarred her for life.

“What he was doing was in general was causing a tremendous pain to the point where I’m screaming and begging and crying for another doctor,” Tinsley said. “I do not trust them now. I’m angry because I put trust and my life, and my sons life trustworthy in the hospital.”

Akoda applied for, but was denied medicare in 2012, due to an inaccurate social security number, but continued his job until 2016.

In an email, the hospital said all of Akoda’s information was verified by a third party, but is looking into how it happened.

The Maryland Board of Physicians stripped his license last year. He also pleaded guilty to social security fraud in 2016, but only spent 6 months in jail.

Neither the hospital or Akoda have responded to the lawsuit.

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