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A cooking class is a great way to meet people, and will give you a skill you can use for life.

With specialty cooking shows becoming very popular, cooking classes have stepped up their game to meet the new demand for great culinary skills. Whether you intend to supply yourself with quality edibles for life, or impress that special someone, consider one of these locations to step up your cooking game and make dinner a special time for years to come.

Web Cooking Classes
101 W. Read St., Suite 804
Baltimore, MD 21201
(866) 286-9521

Chef Todd Mohr has an impressive resume that keeps getting better. In addition to graduating from a top culinary school and running a few kitchens of his own, Mohr has recently been on a global journey picking up cooking styles from several different countries.

Based in Baltimore, Mohr’s model of offering cooking courses is through releasing web video instructions, both individual recipes and full cooking courses. So this is one cooking class that you can take in the comfort of your own home, and repeat as often as necessary to get the gist. A lot of Mohr’s courses are free to watch, so, unlike most courses on this list, this is one cooking class that won’t cost.

Baltimore Chef Shop
807 W. 36th St.
Baltimore, MD 21211
(443) 869-5121

Hampden is already known for its food-friendly atmosphere, so it’s not entirely surprising that one might find one of the best Baltimore cooking classes right there in the middle of this vibrant neighborhood.

The Chef Shop will teach you at any level of expertise and give you a lot of hands-on training under the supervision of seasoned, professional chefs. The chefs of BCS don’t so much teach you how to cook various recipes, as they teach methods of cooking that will allow you to improvise rather than being chained to a cook book.

For The Love Of Food
1002 Reisterstown Road
Pikesville, MD 21208
(443) 865-0630

As an establishment, For The Love Of Food does it all. It combines meal deliveries, catering and food pantry with its one-of-a-kind cooking school. Not only does FTLOF teach adults the ways of culinary skills, it also has classes aimed at children, and a staff which is comfortable with working with children. Not only does FTLOF teach cooking methods, it also teaches serving methods so that you are comfortable both in the kitchen and at the table.

FTLOF is a great place to meet people. The kitchen atmosphere is intimate, and you get to dine on your creations with the entire class once the course for the day is complete.

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Pierpoint Restaurant
1822 Aliceanna St.
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 675-2080

Pierpoint is, in fact, a restaurant, but it also offers a very comprehensive cooking school for both adults and children. Pierpoint has an extensive list of classes which grows more extensive all the time, because the restaurant adds classes every time their catering schedule opens up. Pierpoint may also be the oldest cooking school still running in Baltimore, which speaks a great deal to its quality and experience.

Pierpoint includes all of the cooking material, recipes and also provides drinks while you cook. So in addition to bringing skill and expertise to the table, Pierpoint also brings consumables to the table. In the period of a 3 hour class, you will learn to prepare 8 or more recipes.

1005 North Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
(443) 714-7516

Schola is not a restaurant or caterer. It is purely a cooking school. As such, it is incredibly versatile, offering classes on cooking with wine, learning specific techniques, baking, cooking regional food and even butchering. For more social events, try the parent/child cooking class, or even the date-night cooking class. Even though Schola is pure cooking class, all of that food has to go somewhere, so come in on Sunday and learn to prepare brunch, or head in to the Happy Hour class to learn how to cook bar food, or finally, come to the Sunday Supper class and learn how to make your Sunday dinner the envy of the neighborhood.

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