BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A video that reportedly shows a woman being left outside of a Baltimore emergency center earlier this week has gotten national attention, and social activists in Baltimore say they’re not ready to let it go.

The disturbing video caught outside the University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown campus has sparked national shock and disbelief.

“I’m really disturbed, outraged, at the incident,” said Ronald Flamer, president of Baltimore’s NAACP branch.

WJZ spoke with the patient’s mother, who is extremely distraught. She says her 22-year-old daughter, Rebecca, was left out in the cold and she had to contact police just to track her down.

The mother also said she reported her daughter missing last month, and she was taken by cab to a shelter the night she was left at the bus stop.

Rebecca’s mother told CBS News her daughter has battled with bipolar disorder for years and has a form of autism.

The disoriented woman was left wearing only a hospital gown and socks in near-freezing temperatures.

Flamer calls the treatment inhumane.

“I saw the first clip of it when it came out that night at 11 o’clock, and it just broke my heart. It broke my heart,” he said.

The medical center’s top executive apologized to the patient and admitted its major misstep earlier this week.

“But where we absolutely failed, and where we own that failure, is in the demonstration of basic humanity and compassion,” said Dr. Mohan Suntha, president and CEO of University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus.

That’s not enough, though, Flamer, who wants discharge planning and policy.

“You just don’t throw people out on the street. And you know, when it’s 11, 12 o’clock at night, you know they’re doing something wrong,” said Flamer. “Somebody directed them to do that, and they must be held accountable.”

The University of Maryland Medical Center has declined to comment on whether disciplinary action has been taken against the staff involved in this incident.

The Baltimore City NAACP released the following statement Friday:

While the hospital has apologized, the Baltimore City NAACP wants to know that upon the completion of the internal investigation that those responsible are held accountable for this inhumane incident.  We also are demanding that the practice of forcing patients out of the hospital or “patient dumping” cease immediately.

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Devin Bartolotta

Comments (24)
  1. Where was Mr Farmer’s organization when it came time to actually help the young lady? Why is this happening in what can be called SJW central? There is a lot of finger pointing going on but all see is failure of several organizations.

  2. Laura Mullen says:

    From now on the NAACP needs to man a local office 24/7 to accept all patients being discharged without any place to go. It is so nice of them to accept the responsibility of providing perpetual care, food, and lodging for these people. Ronald Flamer needs to supply all the Baltimore hospitals with his home address where he can care fop them if the NAACP office is closed.

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