BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore historians are working to figure out the best way to remove paint from a delicate statue in Patterson Park after the statue, which honors the national anthem, was damaged by vandals earlier this week.

The Star-Spangled Banner Centennial Monument is still cloaked in red paint, and the clean up project is so delicate, it is now in the hands of historians, who are hoping to clean it without doing any further damage.

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From bronze, to blood red.

A century-old statue commemorating the battle of Baltimore is wrapped up in a battle of its own after someone discovered it doused in red paint early Monday morning.

The words ‘Racist Anthem’ were spray painted on the sidewalk in front of the statue, and that has already been scrubbed from the sidewalk.

“Certainly we were disappointed that it had been targeted, but we understand freedom of expression,” Jennifer Robinson, with Friends of Patterson Park. “We just think that this conversation could be had in a more productive way.”

Those who live nearby say they are absolutely disappointed.

“I’ve got tears in my eyes because it’s not a racial thing, it’s a children thing,” said Ann-Louise Novak, who lives nearby.

The statue has looked out over the southeast corner of the city for more than 100 years, and its age is part of the challenge of cleaning up this mess.

Historians who care for the city’s monuments are now tasked with major restoration.

“They’re working with a conservator to make sure the paint is removed from the statue in the best way not to harm the statue,” Robinson said. “And then they’ll do a restorative coat on the outside of it.”

Last September, the Francis Scott Key Memorial in Bolton Hill was sprayed with the same words.

The message is tied to a line about slavery in the third verse of the national anthem, which some interpret as racist.

The city is now wondering how they can prevent other statues from meeting the same fate, as they start cleanup on yet another star-spangled statue.

WJZ has been told the plan for restoration is in progress.

The friends of Patterson Park is asking the public to let the experts handle the clean up.

Mayor Catherine Pugh released a statement earlier this week saying they will find the person responsible.

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  1. Sandblate the stone, use solvents on the metal with protective cloths. This is not rocket science.

    1. Anybody have a picture of the arrested?

  2. Clark Hinds says:

    and…how many perpetrators are in jail?

  3. Schoolchildren gathered pennies to raise money for a monument for the nation they loved.
    This is what happens now and no one is punished for it.
    Enough is enough, it’s time to be brave enough to stop pretending there isn’t a problem and that problem is demographics. And it’s time to start retaking out nation before it is taken from us entirely.

  4. Bryan Nap says:

    “Certainly we were disappointed that it had been targeted, but we understand freedom of expression,” Jennifer Robinson

    How effing stupid is this woman?

    1. Tom Bosworth says:

      Stupid enough to say that. Stupid enough to be a recent Ivy League grad, even if she isn’t one. If some jerk spray paints her house, will she say she ‘understands freedom of expression’? What an utter idiot. Pretty clear that she does NOT understand freedom of expression.

  5. James Harvey says:

    Best to blame the ones who enabled them and put them in this position in the first place. The same ones who are out demanding open borders. Ask yourself who are these “globalists”?

  6. Thank you for inspiration, Barack Hussein!

  7. Freedom of expression is NOT destroying property you fool.

  8. Mark Joslin says:

    If you don’t like this country, what it stands for, or its history, GET OUT!!! Go find a wonderful s**thole country somewhere else in the world and leave REAL AMERICAN CITIZENS – AND OUR MONUMENTS – ALONE.

  9. Mike Favetti says:

    No better than the Taliban and the ISIS pukes who have no regard to historical artifacts and art and other antiquities. It all revolves around the fact that we allowed our educational system to deteriorate to the point that nothing has value anymore.

  10. I despise race baiters and liberals…but I repeat myself.

  11. I’m sure leftists think this is brilliant political commentary.

  12. Irma Gast says:

    Baltimore, lovely Baltimore, ain’t no more.

  13. Joe Andres says:

    Move away from Baltimore. It’s the worst big city. Trump mentioned it after Haiti and Africa.

  14. Don’t clean it at all! It is a symbol of resilience against oppression. Perfect.

  15. Baltimore is a Shyte-Hole. Used to be nice.

  16. Todd Thomas says:

    Has Baltimore passed Detroit and Chicongo as the #1 sheeethole in America? We know it has as the murder capital.

  17. Baltimore is no longer a safe place to live. reason: Obama voters.

  18. Jack Cade says:

    Whites find a pile of bricks and build a city. Blacks find a city and leave a pile of bricks. It was good to know you, Baltimore.

  19. S***hole, … not just for foreign nations.

  20. “Certainly we were disappointed that it had been targeted, but we understand freedom of expression,” Jennifer Robinson, with Friends of Patterson Park.

    This is the problem. Vandalism is now excused as “freedom of expression.”

    What a joke.

  21. “When you hear the Bugle Call, We shall stand straight and tall! We are the people of this great land!”
    “When you hear the Bells of Freedom Ring, We shall rise and We shall sing! This is the Greatest land,
    for one and All!”

  22. It appears that many blacks hate this country and what it stands for .I guess they would be better off in an African sh –t hole

  23. Tom Masters says:

    Who gave them space to express themselves this time?

  24. Reed Smith says:

    Democrats and Democrat sympathizers did this…remember that later this year and in 2020

  25. Leftists destroy Anyone and Anything they come in contact with. I doubt they even know it, but the party they belong to welcomes them with Open arms..

  26. John Folger says:

    use a nonsynthetic brush with short brissels no acid usa a strong salvent

  27. TIme to find and destroy these traitors in America….kill em all

  28. Joel Goodman says:


  29. Mike Miller says:

    Did that lady say it was unfortunate the statue was a target of freedom of expression?
    What an idiot!
    This world has too many spineless PC bots.
    Criminal vandalism it is and nothing but!
    Show some patriotic outrage you gutless fool!

  30. Tom Carsley says:

    Use the blood of the people that did it.

  31. Morey Ladini says:

    The Baltimore Mayor will compromise by having the figures recarved with their pants hanging down below their butts.

  32. Lynn Wood says:

    The city cannot face this continual expense of cleaning vandalized monuments. The monuments need to be moved to a safe place and put under security. Oh, that would cost money too. Well just have to destroy the monuments in order to be fiscally responsible.

    That is the logic today.

  33. harris9513 says:

    What the he77 is that woman standing there tittering about “free speech” and “we can have this discussion somewhere else?” It is exactly namby-pamby reactions like this that CONDONE this kind of destruction of civilized society. Maybe she doesn’t understand if she’d happened to be out there with the criminals – SHE might have been targeted for destruction. Acting like it’s “no big deal” is a danger to everybody.