BALTIMORE (WJZ/AP) — An attorney for a woman who was left outside a Baltimore hospital wearing a patient gown and socks on a frigid night says she was having a psychotic episode when the institution turned its back on her.

J. Wyndal Gordon told our media partner, the Baltimore Sun, the woman named Rebecca is now at an undisclosed inpatient facility undergoing mental health treatment. Gordon said Wednesday he was hired to represent the patient on behalf of her family. He says the actions of the University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown employees were “cruel and inhumane.”

Hospital officials say they are still investigating why the woman was escorted out of the hospital by uniformed security personnel and left at a city bus stop.

Gordon plans to hold a press conference on Thursday at 2 p.m..

Below, is a statement released by Gordon.

REBECCA IS LOVED: Hat-tip to Imamu Baraka for the courage and gumption he possessed to confront University of Maryland Medical Center Mid-Town Campus employees for Patient-Dumping “Rebecca” on to the mean streets of Baltimore and rescuing her from near-freezing temperatures virtually nude, wearing nothing more than a thinly veiled hospital gown and a pair of tube socks. Baraka’s heroism and fearless patient advocacy were both remarkable and extraordinary. When many would have turned a blind eye to Rebecca’s situation, Baraka turned on a camera and captured the cruel and inhumane treatment Rebecca endured by those entrusted with her care (when they thought no one would care). And I’m sure she’s not alone.

Baraka’s persistence and diligence with following up on this near tragedy is not lost during these extremely distressful times, and very much appreciated by both the family and concerned public. Baraka literally saved Rebecca from hypothermia which could have easily claimed her life within hours or less without intervention. Rebecca was already at a deficit because of her naturally impaired mental capacity rendering her unable to respond to the frigid temperatures and physical trauma caused by those who so recklessly endangered her life.

Thank you, Imamu Baraka, for restoring hope in humanity and being Rebecca’s guardian angel last week in her time of great need. I’m certain that your efforts will be rewarded one-thousandfold. I hope your moment turns into a movement for the greater good of Black Mental Health Awareness.

I was invited by Rebecca’s Mom to meet Rebecca yesterday during an early evening visit. She was reuniting with her family who’d been looking for her for days. The short story is Rebecca is doing markedly better now than she was a week ago yesterday. She was resting, giddy, effervescent, excited to see her family, and at times profoundly well-spoken with cogent, incisive thoughts during intermittent moments of clarity. There is no question she is in a good place now as she begins her long road to mental stability. Her physical injuries are healing and she is recovering from her episode of psychosis exacerbated by her visit to UMMC Mid-Town on or about January 8, 2018. Aside from that, she is quite pleasant, relieved, and encouraged by the outpouring of love and support she’s received during the last few days as she embarks upon this challenge toward wellness.

Rebecca is expected to remain in the hospital for a considerable amount of time before she becomes stable enough for discharge. Meanwhile, I’ve assembled a blue-ribbon team of legal, medical, and mental health experts, to assist in the pursuit of justice on her behalf. It is our intention to show by example that emergency medical screening and treatment is a federal statutory right reserved to all —not just those who have insurance or the ability to pay.

We will be holding a Press Conference in my office on Thursday, January 18, 2018, @ 2p to further discuss a range of topics related to this matter as well as near future plans on a decisive course of action to hold folks accountable.

Gordon also released these pictures of Rebecca:

hospital 11 Lawyer: Woman Was Having Psychotic Episode When Left In Cold hospital 21 Lawyer: Woman Was Having Psychotic Episode When Left In Coldhospital 31 Lawyer: Woman Was Having Psychotic Episode When Left In Cold hospital 41 Lawyer: Woman Was Having Psychotic Episode When Left In Cold

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  1. Even those with insurance, receiving adequate mental health care is a joke. And rather expensive. I have tons of bills for my daughter for no treatment. It’s shameful!

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