BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A recent AAA survey found that more Americans are willing to use self-driving cars.

This annual report from AAA shows more drivers are feeling confident about riding in autonomous vehicles, with men and millennials at the top of the list.

The self-driving car is becoming more accepted by consumers.

“Technology advances, so I’m all for it,” driver John Cole said.

“I have no problem with them” said driver Jill Archibald. “I think they’re safer than most people.”

In 2017 AAA reported 78 percent of drivers were afraid to use self-driving cars. This year it’s only 63 percent, meaning 20 million more drivers now feel comfortable using automated technology, which is a positive trend for this industry.

Considering many still have concerns after two fatal accidents in 2016 where the drivers used the auto pilot feature in their Teslas, one in China and the other death in Florida. And then recently in California there were two separate incidents where drivers suffered non fatal accidents.

“That certainly increases that level of fear, but with additional developments and testing and consumer education and awareness, we know it’s on the horizon it will be coming the roads sooner than later,” Ragina Cooper Averella, with AAA, said.

Experts say the biggest driving factor is cutting down on the amount of accidents we see on the road, considering 90 percent of them are human error.

“It’s something we are hoping, particularly at AAA, that could be a life saving measure in the long run,” Cooper Averella said.

A safety feature drivers are on board with.

“Considering how much we text and drive, and drink and drive, and especially safer for motorcycle drivers,” Archibald said.

“A safe thought. Cars operate separately,” Cole added.

Consumer confidence that moves us closer to a future with self-driving cars.

Baby boomers are considered the most afraid of self-driving technology.

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