LEBANON, Tenn. (AP) — A Tennessee high school student’s anti-bullying video has resulted in nearly 600,000 views on YouTube and a suspension for its creator.

Lebanon High School student Emily Gipson said school administrators accused her of “trying to incite violence” and gave her a two-day in-school suspension for the video entitled “Welcome to Lebanon High School,” posted Jan. 22.

In the video, prompted by a classmate’s October suicide, she asks students to treat each other better.

Principal Scott Walters told The Lebanon Democrat he can’t discuss the 16-year-old’s punishment, but said he took issue with the fact that the free-verse speech was recorded in a classroom without a teacher’s permission. Gipson disputed that, saying she had two coaches’ permission.

He also said the video hurt his feelings, and those of teachers, too.

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  1. Let me see if I have this correct. This young lady produced a video to raise the awareness of her classmates about how wrong it is to bully. It seems this opus was the result of a bullying incident which resulted in the suicide of a classmate. But then the school administration felt it wasn’t enough that children were bullying each other…….he wanted to school administration to join in on the bullying. So he bullies the young woman by punishing her in front of the whole school and those who read her blog. Seems like the School Administration needs an “In School” lesson on why adults should not bully children. Principal Scott Walters needs to have his snowflake feelings hurt even more by being fired.

    1. Would someone post the email address of Principal Scott Walters so those of us who think he is a complete anal orifice and a weak-willy-nilly emotional wreck can give him our opinions? I want to make sure his feelings continue to be hurt. I don’t think sissies should be High School Principals. I’d also like to email address of his boss so I can suggest they fire this jerk.

      1. http://www.wcschools.com/contact/

        Wilson County District Offices

        I have tried several times to send the Director of Schools the following email, but as I am not local, it appears I can’t. So I will just post it here and on FB.

        Donna Wright, Ed.D

        I read an article on WJZ.com concerning Emily Gipson and Scott Walters.

        I sincerely believe that Scott Walter’s actions were damaging not only to the student (Emily Gipson) but to the entire concept of Anti-Bullying. When teachers become the bullies, then all is lost. Ms. Gipson to the initiative to show fellow students the devastating result of bullying, and Scott Walters did everything he could to undo whatever good she might have accomplished.

        If discipline is warranted, I firmly believe that it is Scott Walters who should be disciplined. It is people like Scott Walters who give teaching a bad name and cause the lack of respect aimed at teachers today.

        Deirdre M Abbott

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