By George Solis

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Governor Larry Hogan is having skin cancers removed from his face this week, according to a letter released by his doctor.

“During Governor Hogan’s recent annual skin examination, I biopsied several lesions on his forehead which were determined to be a superficial basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma,” writes Dr. Beth Diamond.

The cancer is not melanoma, what doctors say is the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

While the governor will have to undergo minor surgery this weekend to get the cancer removed, he won’t miss a single day of work.

“I had a couple things taken off my forehead, they did turn out to be a very non-serious skin cancer,” Gov. Hogan said.

“We talk about basal cells as being pearly papules, the typical ones. Squamous cells look more warty,” said dermatologist Dr. Irving Wolfe.

The governor said that this cancer is completely unrelated to the previous cancer which he battled and defeated. He said he likely got it during the years spent as a lifeguard in Florida.

“I spent a lot of time baking in the sun. so, my advice to everyone out there listening is to please pay attention when they tell you to use sunscreen. I was not smart enough to follow that advice,” Hogan said.

“These skin cancers are extremely common and are most often induced by a history of sun exposure. Both of the Governor’s skin cancers will be treated this week at our office with Mohs surgery which has an extremely high cure rate and a very low likelihood of recurrence,” Diamond said. “I do not expect the Governor to have any long term consequences from these skin cancers.”

Doctors say there are nearly 5.5 million combined cases of these types of skin cancer every year. The governor says he’ll be passing out sunscreen to any one he can find.

To show how serious he is about sunscreen, Hogan also voiced his support for a bill that would allow children to use sunscreen in school without a doctor’s note.

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