BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore police detective who was killed while on the job in November was posthumously accused of being involved in corruption within the department.

Former BPD Detective Momodu Gondo was on the stand Monday, testifying about various robberies he committed on the job. He is one of the officers accused in a huge corruption scandal involving the department’s Gun Trace Task Force, and has pleaded guilty to racketeering and distribution of heroin in relation to that scandal.

During Monday’s testimony, Gondo said that detective Sean Suiter was involved in some of the thefts he committed a decade ago within the squad he was a part of at that time.

Gondo said he and Suiter were part of another specialized unit in 2008, and they would both steal from people while on the job, along with other officers in their unit.

Suiter was shot with his own weapon on Nov. 15 while investigating a gang-related triple murder in West Baltimore’s Harlem Park neighborhood.

The shooting was one day before he was set to testify in the case of Sergeant Wayne Jenkins, who faces accusations of planting drugs on suspects and robbing citizens as part of the corruption scandal.

Police say Jenkins planted drugs on two men and allowed Suiter to find the narcotics; they say Jenkins planted the drugs unbeknownst to Suiter.

Suiter’s killer was never found, and his death remains unsolved, though police have discounted theories that Suiter’s grand jury testimony was related to his death.

During his testimony Monday, Gondo also claimed that a deadly police-involved shooting involving another charged officer, detective Jemell Rayam, was “murder.”

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In 2009, Rayam shot and killed a man while on duty and was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Gondo said Rayam told him about the incident, “F*** it. I just didn’t want to chase him.”

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