BALTIMORE (WJZ)  After a push in California to have coffee come with a cancer warning label, a massive scientific study is pushing back and has declared coffee a healthy beverage.

A recent review of 127 separate studies, published in Annual Reviews, found that coffee was not only good for the body but also had a small chance to reduce the development of certain cancers.

“Based on these results, there is probable evidence of the beneficial effects of coffee consumption for a number of chronic diseases, including some cancers… metabolic-related outcomes (such as type-2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome), and neurological conditions,” scientists concluded.

The lawsuit in California claims that coffee companies do not properly warn customers that the beverage contains acrylamide, an alleged cancer-causing chemical created when coffee beans are roasted. According to a 2014 report published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, there is “no statistically significant association between dietary acrylamide intake and various cancers.”

The 127 studies found “probable” evidence that drinking coffee lowered the risk of developing breast, colorectal, colon, liver, and prostate cancers by as much as 20 percent. A five percent drop in the risk for cardiovascular disease and nearly 30 percent decrease for both Type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease were also recorded by the massive analysis.

The one group coffee was not recommended for was pregnant women. Some of the studies showed a link between drinking coffee — a woman’s caffeine intake specifically — and an increased risk for miscarriages. Nutritional epidemiologist Giuseppe Grosso, who co-authored the review, says that fetuses lack the enzyme needed to metabolize caffeine properly, which may be part of the problem scientists observed.

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