By Joel Furches

A Valentine’s Day date should be special, not formulaic. It’s an event that happens once a year, and it should be memorable. Here are five different date ideas that should make your V-day date sparkle, and make it one that won’t be easily forgotten.

8209 Town Center Drive
Nottingham, MD 21236
(667) 888-4359

February is one of the most chilliest of the year. So you want to do something fun and unique with your Valentine’s Day date, but you probably want to keep the activities indoors. There’s probably no indoor activity quite as thrilling as the indoor skydiving at iFly on the Avenue at White Marsh.

Essentially, the idea behind iFly is that you and your date are levitated into the air by giant fans from beneath and experience all of the thrill of aerial adventure without being high in the sky. This is the perfect date idea because it is unique, adventurous, safe and comfortably indoors. After the adventure, there are plenty of restaurant options on the Avenue, so that you can end the date right with a fine, post-adventure meal.

Baltimaze Escape Rooms
31 Light St., Suite 201
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 646-8664

The idea behind an Escape Room is that a few people are locked into a room that tells a story. Follow the clues left all over the room and you will find the means to escape the locked room. This is a perfect date idea because it is unusual and gives you the bonding experience of solving a puzzle together while also sharing some private time.

At Baltimaze, your adventure options include a spy adventure where you have to search a mysterious mansion for clues of what happened to your agents; a game where you have to figure out an ancient machine to get into a vault door where the secrets of the inventor are sealed; and a game where you must solve the disappearance of a famous artist in her studio.

Cerebral, unusual and private, the Escape Room option is an idea which is difficult to escape.

Gertrude’s Restaurant
10 Art Museum Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 889-3399

Gertrude’s is a fine-dining restaurant which sits within the Baltimore Art Museum. Talk about dinner and a show: at Gertrude’s, you can take your date on a stroll through a world-class gallery of fine art, and then dine in a swanky eatery right inside the very museum. The gallery is offering a free guided tour of the European painting and sculpture collection on Valentine’s. Likewise, Gertrude’s has plans for the day, offering a special menu specifically for Valentines.

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4-D Immersion Films
501 E. Pratt St.
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 576-3800

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is well-known for its beautiful and unparalleled collection of aquatic and rain forest life, but a lesser-known attraction of the Aquarium is its 4-D theater. Movie dates are a classic choice, but there are few theaters as immersive as a 4-D movie. The theater gives you the 3-D glasses, as you might expect, but then it goes the extra mile to make the movie experience as real as possible. The sound in the theater is as 3D as the sights, and you will also feel your seat move or vibrate with the action on-screen. The theater might change the temperature to match whatever is happening on screen. If the movie skips to a rain forest scene, you might feel the humidity in the room increase. If it is raining on-screen, you might feel a slight misting. In short, the theater will put you right inside the movie, and your date may appreciate the unusual experience before you take him or her to dinner.

Everyman Theatre
315 W. Fayette St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 752-2208

The Everyman Theatre puts on a good show in an intimate theater setting, putting you close enough to the action that you can see and hear everything going on. For Valentine’s Day, the theme of the show is, of course, love – but not a simple romance. The play, “Long Day’s Journey into Night,” explores the story of a family nearly torn apart by tragedy and challenge, but overcoming the struggle through familial love. This is a little deep for a Valentine’s date, but that’s the entire point. You get to show your date your emotional depth before dinner.

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