By Ava-joye Burnett

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The snow has tapered off, but with temperatures dipping overnight, problems could crop up on roadways across Maryland.

“Windshield, as you can see, gets clogged very quickly. So it’s keeping windshield wipers, keeping the windshield clear, that’s the difficulty right now,” said Cynthia Quire of Baltimore.

Road crews across the state had been watching the forecast and waiting, but there were some extra challenges once the snow arrived Saturday afternoon.

“When we started today, our roads temperatures were 44 degrees so we were hoping that the road temperatures would stay up and we wouldn’t have very much sticking. But the snow came down much faster than we expected,” said Gregory Lotz of the Carroll County Department of Public Works.

Officials in Carroll County said they had more than 70 crews on the roadways and expected them to be out and about even after the snow ends.

“The temperature got down to 32, just like somebody threw a switch and the roads got instantly covered,” said Mike Hill of Carroll County.

As always, crews who are working to clear the roads have a simple request for drivers.

“It’s crazy out there with all the vehicles and us out there. And I know people have to go places, but if they can minimize their trips or whatever, that would be really appreciative,” Hill said.

The National Weather Service warned drivers of the potential for reduced visibility and slick roads, and one woman from New York experienced some of the dangers first hand.

“It’s a little crazy out there, but it’s the drivers not necessarily the weather, I guess. But coming from Buffalo, I think that’s what I’m used to,” said Nicole Dombek.

As the temperatures rise in the early morning hours, officials ask that people remain cautious.

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