BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There’s a little bit of fog this morning and there’s going to be some more tomorrow. Simple science is all. Warm air moving up over colder land. Dew point hit, …fog.

Let’s talk about how warm it is. 27° is the normal low. It is ALWAYS coldest just before dawn. That is the “deepest part” of the overnight cooling. 27°, and right now as I write this it is 51°. Tomorrow at dawn it will be a degree or two warmer. And, again, some fog.

72° is our forecast high today. The record of 76° seems to be safe. (It goes back to 1930 btw.) Tomorrow we are forecasting 75°, the record is 74°. That too goes back to 1930.

We will see a drop in temperatures by 20 to 25 degrees behind a cold front that will dive across the Mid-Atlantic Thursday morning. If we were dealing with a regular Winter day that would be a stunning cold frontal passage. As it is we will only get knocked back to many degrees above normal.

Let’s talk more about that tomorrow. Enjoy today. What is the old line, “stop and smell the roses.” Soon enough we will have real ones to watch grow. Spring starts one month from today. 3-20-18, at 12:15 P.M.


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