By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Well this is a most impressive weather event. You should have heard the wind HOWLING through the Candelabra Tower this morning. But remember, that tower is over a thousand feet tall. It can take 200 mph winds and not flinch. An immovable object if you will.

In winds like this it is quite the wind block and the noise that wind makes, as it whips around, can even be heard inside this building. To be VERY honest the sound it was making at 4:30 this morning was a noise I have not heard since “Superstorm Sandy.’ In the dark, and “quiet”, of the parking lot at that time it was a bit creepy.

There has been an addition to this day’s forecast and that will be wet snow flakes. Are we expecting big accumulating SNOW here? No. Although western Maryland is a different story. But suffice it to say life might get a bit visual today as moisture bands around that low, which is going to be in the direct neighborhood, until tomorrow. Even as skies clear through the night, and get really sunny tomorrow due to the winds from that low, and high building in, it will be a weather headline.

By Sunday the winds will come down from the steady mid 20’s to the mid-teens. At that time life will begin to return to “normalish”. Speaking of which, over the next five days the temperatures day, and night, will be just that….normal. So far no polar plunge for our thermometers. So far…..

T.G.I.F.,…ain’t it the truth!


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