By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone,

So event, “Nor’easter #2” is just hours away. As a consumer I want you to be VERY careful when listening to national reports on the forecast for this one, or read about it. Sometimes, some folk in the National Press paint with a broad brush. As in, “The East Coast braces for another big storm,.” Well the East Coast is a big area, and in fact the area of major impact is Northeast of Newark. Indeed Philly, NYC, Bahhhston, Manchester, and Burlington ARE going to see a large impact event. But here occasional rain/snow showers tonight, then a rain/snow mix tomorrow is certainly not “snowmagedden.”  CLEARLY we will have a sloppy mess of 2-3″ of slushy snow in Harford, and Cecil counties. We WILL have 1-2″ of the same in Northern Baltimore, and Carroll counties, Other than those specific areas we are talking about all rain, Southeast, and rain to a trace of snow elsewhere in Maryland.

“THE EAST COAST BRACES…….” The Mid-Atlantic prepares for a bout of Winter weather, while the Northeast coast BRACES…!

Let’s talk wind with this Nor’easter #2. Indeed it will get breezy tomorrow, and on Thursday. Sustained winds appear to be in the teens with an occasional gust to 20 mph. That is on the Western Shore. On the DelMarVa we will see sustained winds in the mid 20’s for a period of time tomorrow as the storm passes abeam of us. But no large gusts. Still, though, sustained winds in the teens or low 20’s is a force to be dealt with. we will stay on point re this part of the Nor’easter for sure.

Beyond tomorrow the sun returns but warm air does not, temps will remain slightly below the normal of 50°. As I mentioned yesterday February’s mild was just a tease.



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