By George Solis

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– For nearly a decade, the parents of a Virginia teen found dead in Baltimore have been working to find out what led to their daughter’s death.

Baltimore police ruled the case a suicide, but for years the family of Annie McCann have suspected something far more sinister.

No matter how much time may pass for the McCann’s, the pain of losing their daughter is as fresh as ever.

For years, they have been compiling evidence they say proves the investigation into their daughter’s death was mishandled. They now want a fresh set of eyes to reexamine the case to hopefully bring some much needed closure.

For the last nine years, Dan and Mary Jane McCann have been on a journey seeking one thing.

“It’s about getting Annie the justice she deserves,” Mary said.

The grieving parents, who have made it their mission to figure out what happened to their 16-year-old daughter, Annie, all those years ago.

The Virginia teen’s body was found behind a housing project dumpster not far from Fells Point in Baltimore, two days after having run away from home.

She was last seen at Vaccaro’s in Little Italy.

Her parents are convinced that she was not only murdered, but suffered immensely in her final hours.

“She was raped, sodomized, poisoned and poisoned to death,” Mary said.

City police ruled her case a suicide after the medical examiner determined the cause of death was “lidocaine toxicity,” which is typically found in antiseptic products like Bactine, which authorities say they found near Annie’s body.

Annie did own a bottle for her recently pierced ears, but her parents said they don’t believe Annie would have consumed it willingly or that the amount could have killed her.

“That bottle can’t be found anywhere,” Mary added.

[REPORTER: “You consulted with experts that tell you it would take a lot more than just one bottle of lidocaine?”]

“It would take several bottles of Bactine to produce the levels of lidocaine reported in the autopsy,” Dam responded.

The McCanns said after years of compiling their own background into the case, and with the help of a private investigator, they have found new evidence into their daughter’s death, including the possibility she was a target for human trafficking.

The couple reached out directly to Gov. Larry Hogan to have Maryland State Police open a new investigation and provide closure.

“We pray that this simply doesn’t get referred back for the Baltimore City Police Department with a pep talk,” Dan said. “This is not a light matter this is our daughter’s death.”

A spokesperson for the governor’s office said he sympathizes with the family and has forwarded the message to state police for discussion with the new BPD police leadership.

The McCanns said they are also reluctant to work with BPD following recent corruption scandals within the agency.

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