By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — This one, the #2 Nor’easter, is going into the books as a much easier event than late last week’s storm. And that is a good thing. It is a beautiful  scene in parts of the area.

School Closings In Maryland

But the reality is this snow is a heavy problematic issue. It is accumulating on power lines, limbs, and trees. As I write this the hope is a high of 41°, and some rain falling in the area, will disperse this weight off of those lines, and trees, before the winds whipping around this low comes to the Mid-Atlantic.

“Breezy” is in the forecast tonight,  and tomorrow. Tomorrow I think windy may be closer to reality later tomorrow.

Late this afternoon steady winds will move into the low teens and overnight the mid-teens. 15-18 mph conditions will be with us through tomorrow afternoon but by tomorrow night that steady wind moves into the 20 mph range.

Imagine if that weight stays on those lines and tree limbs. I just do not see that happening. (I don’t think I am wishing more that looking at a real situation.)  Time will tell.

Beyond this expect 4 days of fairly good sun. Temperatures slightly below normal but well above freezing. And this weekend Daylight Savings Time!! That additional daylight will be just the medicine needed to put these two storms out of the mind’s eye, and into history.



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