BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Former NBA All-Star Steve Francis has given new details about his rise and fall from NBA superstar.

Francis wrote about his experiences in a first-person story for The Players’ Tribune, in which he wrote about dealing drugs during his teenage years in Takoma Park.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

Just think about this.…

At 18, I’m selling baggies on the corner in Takoma Park, getting robbed at gunpoint.

At 22, I’m getting drafted into the National Basketball Association, shaking David Stern’s hand.

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  1. Why does that seem to surprise people. You know why, cause its not PC to say anything bad about the black athlete that’s making. Money for the rich white owners. Why do you think the rich white owners deserted the white boys. Because the white boys weren’t easy targets. They Absolutely could play as well as blacks, but Haters will deny this, but they wouldn’t let Whitey take advantage of them. I never seen a white basketball coach or owner try to help their moneymakers neighborhood or player improve themselves. Bring it haters, cause truth hurts

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