By Kimberly Eiten

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The governor of Florida signed new gun restrictions into law Friday in the aftermath of the deadly school shooting in Parkland. The move raises questions of a possible domino effect with other states, including Maryland, following suit.

Surrounded by families of Parkland shooting victims, Florida Gov. Rick Scott hardened state gun laws with the swipe of a pen.

“Every parent has a right to send their kids to school knowing they will return safely at the end of the day,” he said.

The new senate bill raises the buying age to 21, funds increased school security — including the option to arm teachers — bans bump stocks and gives police increased power to take weapons from the mentally ill.

It also leaves questions on whether it could become a legislative launchpad for other states as students lead the push for more laws and less access to guns.

“They are going to be focused on gun violence prevention and gun safety, and they’re going to be taking it to the voting booth,” said Jen Pauliukonis, president of Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence.

Pauliukonis says she thinks Florida lawmakers should have voted through even stricter regulations.

“I also think that this is a huge win for proponents of gun reform and gun safety,” she said.

While political rivals argue safety and push for reform, they’re also pushing Frank Loane’s sales to record levels.

“We’ve been really busy,” Frank Loane of Pasadena Pawn and Gun.

He says one of his top sellers is currently AR-15’s — the highly controversial assault weapons that customers of the store can’t get enough of.

[Reporter: So, really they’re driving your sales by talking about banning sales?]

“Obama was a good gun salesman. The more he talked, the more we sold, and the same with the Democrats now,” Loane said.

The National Rifle Association has already filed a lawsuit to block part of Florida’s new law. The suit focuses on the increased age requirement, claiming it violates the Second Amendment.


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