By George Solis

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A Harford County woman’s baby decided he wasn’t going to be born in the hospital, instead he decided to come into the world right in the car.

Alyssa Lightner, 31, was on the way to the hospital after the first tell-tale signs her baby was coming. In a matter of minutes, the birth of her baby changed a number of lives.

“I wanted to go natural, may be not that natural,” Lightner said. “My goal with him was not be in the hospital for long.”

Lightner, who is already a mother of three, had a whole plan in place to prepare for Asher’s arrival, who came a day early.

“Obviously, I waited, you know, a little too long but that was my goal,” she said.

With her contractions starting earlier in the day, Lightner, alongside her doula, a woman trained to assist another during childbirth, where en route to UM Upper Chesapeake Medical Center when it happened.

“Didn’t plan to give birth in the car, didn’t plan to do any of that,” she added.

Asher was born in the seat of the car on Calvary Road near Philadelphia Road in Abingdon, hence the nickname “Philly.”

The call to 911 was made and received at the Harford County Emergency Operations Center, but baby Asher was waiting for no one.

Operator in training John Rigdon took the unconventional call. Two minutes elapsed between when the call was made and when the baby was born.

“He was a little bit, a few steps behind,” Lightner said.

“Well, she’s having a baby, not something you hear everyday on the phone,” Rigdon said.

His supervisor was present for the call and directed the doula on the other end of the line. Baby and mom were transported safely to the hospital.

“It was uplifting and refreshing to be involved in a call like that,” Rigdon added.

“His birth was so dramatic but he’s so not, you know what I mean. It’s like wow!” Lightner said. “Yeah, it was love at first sight.”

Rigdon did call Alyssa to check on the baby. Asher weighed in at five pounds and nine 1/2 ounces.

Mom and baby are expected to return home Friday afternoon.

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