BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Did those in power turn a blind eye to corruption on the Baltimore City Police Gun Trace Task Force? An opponent of State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is calling for her to support legislation to look into who knew what and when.

The abuses of the Gun Trace Task Force are among the worst ever uncovered — with claims of officers robbing and terrorizing people.


A group of defense attorneys say the state’s attorney’s office long knew some of the officers were dirty and did nothing, as well as fought efforts to expose internal affairs records in court.

“Then you have the state’s attorney saying ‘I don’t think it’s disclosable, and I don’t think it ‘s something that should be used in a court proceeding,” defense attorney Natalie Finegar said.

Among the documents they presented are sustained complaints against disgraced detective Jemell Lamar Rayam dating to 2009, alleging Rayam lied in court and had a reckless disregard for the truth.

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Mosby has always said her office acted swiftly to root out corrupt.

“I’m willing to work with my federal and state partners to ensure that we are not only rooting out that police corruption, but we’re shining a spotlight on those callous criminals that are doing a disservice and wearing that badge,” Mosby said in mid-February.

There are politics involved. Ivan Bates, who wants Mosby’s job, organized the press conference and held it outside her office.

“We want transparency, but the most important thing is we never want to have the Gun Trace Task Force ever again,” Bates said.

He’s also calling for Mosby to back legislation by state Sen. Bill Ferguson to create a commission with power to subpoena and call witnesses to investigate how the GTTF was able to operate unchecked for so long.

“I want you to investigate my office and I want you to investigate the police department so we now know what happened with the Gun Trace Task Force,” Bates said.

He was critical of a new city solicitor and state’s attorney’s office policy requiring officers to self-disclose misconduct if they are integral witnesses in cases.

All of the Gun Trace Task Force officers are incarcerated.

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