By Devin Bartolotta

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Muslim community rallied for justice in Baltimore in the wake of a police shooting of an unarmed black man in California.

Stephon Clark was killed by Sacramento officers nearly two weeks ago. Hundreds from all over the country came together Sunday at the Inner Harbor to demand change.

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The “Black Lives Matter” message was marched through the streets on Easter morning.

Hundreds of Muslim leaders from across the country, visiting Baltimore for the annual North America Conference for Peace,  demanded justice for Clark.

The 22-year-old was shot and killed by police in his grandparent’s backyard on March 18.

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“I think we’ve reached the boiling point in America now where enough is enough. We can’t just wait for another Stephon Clark to get people angry again and to protest again,” Dallas resident Imam Omar Suleiman said.

In Clark’s hometown on Saturday, hundreds — including his family — called for criminal charges against the two officers involved.

An autopsy commissioned by Clark’s family shows he was shot in the back seven times, contradicting officer’s claims that he was coming toward them.

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Police also say Clark was holding a gun, but it was actually a cellphone.

In Baltimore, the call for justice Sunday at McKeldin Square came with outrage. Many were simply fed up.

“I’m starting to wonder how free this America is. Maybe it’s free for those who enjoy the privelege of not having to wonder whether or not they’re going to get shot going to school or shot walking down the street for having the audacity to be black while walking,” said Saafir Rabb from Baltimore.

Organizers at the rally encouraged those who spoke out today to go back to their own communities and meet with lawmakers to bring about change.


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Comments (2)
  1. Larry Burns says:

    Stephon Clark was committing crimes and fleeing Police. Poor Stephon got JUSTICE.

  2. Stephon was committing a felony when he was shot. This is not an innocent. YES, the police should not be shooting unarmed active felons — IF they can be sure the felon is unarmed. The police have to use split second judgment, and sometimes they get it wrong. But Stephon did not make a split-second error of judgment — he was a predator on society, and engaged in high-risk predation when he was killed.

    There are 400+ victims of predators like Stephon every year in Baltimore. It is these predators that our streets need to be made safe from.

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