By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The cost of gas is up across the country, including in Maryland, and is inching toward the highest price in three years.

Gas is going up about a penny every other day — 15 cents in the past month.

“We’ll be paying the highest prices for this time of year since 2014,” said Christine Delise with AAA.

Gas companies are changing over to a different summer blend. To do so, some refineries shut down, leading to the classic market principal of supply and demand. A tighter supply means they can demand more for your fuel.

Demand is up as people are driving more, and crude oil prices are up $15 per barrel compared to this time last year.

“Every time crude oil prices rise a dollar, consumers will pay roughly 2.4 cents more per gallon,” Delise said.

This week, the average price in marylMarylandxactly the same as the nationwide average of $2.67 a gallon.

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Comments (26)
  1. Clif Stout says:

    It is due to our exporting our oil. The other downside of exporting our oil, it make our marketers products more expensive as well. Higher cost to our Farmers (fertilizers/fuel cost to farm) to our manufacturing operation also due to energy, while lowering the cost of energy to our competitors. It all sounds too familiar,more expensive

  2. SCAM, just a way to pad their wallets even more.

    1. Craig Hill says:

      Yes. So we get a tax brake only to get big oil to come F-Us at the gas pump! We get sick of this s#it!!!!!

  3. Summer Blend!!! LOL!! Too bad 1/2 of country will believe it.

  4. Zak Watson says:

    Asian countries for Asians.

    Black countries for Blacks.

    but White countries for everybody?

    That’s genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White

  5. California gas is $3.75 and higher because our communist governor is greedy for pension money.

  6. Cry me a river. Try buying gas in the once Golden State. It takes nearly $100 to fill my tank. The democrats have tacked on horribly high taxes in a state where we have far to drive. Want over-reaching government that loves every opportunity to tax you to death? Then vote democrat.

  7. Stu Pedasso says:

    On the bright side you aren’t in the People’s Republic of California where the politicians just doubled the gas tax to try and make up for their mismanagement and ripping off the road funds to pay for other pet projects like Governor Moonbeam’s bullet train to nowhere boondoggle.

  8. When you carjack your next ride, what difference does the price of gas make?

  9. Saul Korn says:

    All the fools that rushed out to buy gas hogs when the prices were low now reap the pain of their actions !

  10. Darren Davis says:

    We never get a report like this when the state adds more taxes to a gallon of gas.

  11. Richard King says:

    Pfff,I have 3 Teslas. I think I will take the Red one to the office tomorrow. Wait a minute. I meant golf course. It’s Wednesday.

  12. Love my Chevrolet Bolt Electric Vehicle with its 250 mile range. F Jerry, his “Kids”, and his gas tax!

  13. This is what we get for the fracking! They lobbied to lift the ban on exporting US crude and now we also export Liquified natural gas. This is a scam on the people. The people deal with the environmental issues but do not get the benefits. Need to go back to an America first policy with price models prior to the 70’s market.

  14. Jim Spicer says:

    yea well it hurts a whole lot less than it did in 14 since paychecks are on the rise instead of falling like they were then.

  15. Chuck Cypert says:

    Gas prices were going up here in Dallas for a while but they are coming down again. I think I can make it another week before a refill, hopefully be down another dime or so by then.

  16. It’s the same story every year around this time. The weather turns nice, people start driving around more, they raise the prices. Blend, schmend, it’s the demand. Don’t want the price to go up? Stop wasting gas pleasure driving and traveling.

  17. A bit off topic, but you might be surprised to know that (adjusted for inflation) gasoline prices are about as cheap (if not more) than during much of the last century. Combine that with the most fuel efficient cars ever, and driving is more affordable now than during most years in memory:

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