COLLEGE PARK (WJZ) — A Maryland woman was bit by a northern copperhead snake while she was outdoors.

The Maryland Poison Center reported the snake bite Monday and warned Maryland residents that now that the weather is getting warmer more critters may come out.

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It is the first venomous snake bite reported in Maryland this year. Maryland has two types of venomous snakes — northern copperheads and timber rattlesnake.

“Both are pit vipers with triangular heads, elliptical pupils, fangs, and pits between the nose and the eyes. Rattles may or may not be
present on the rattlesnake,” the Maryland Poison Center reports. “Not all venomous snakebites result in the injection of venom. Symptoms to watch for include pain, redness and progressive swelling.”

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Bruce Anderson, the Executive Director of the Maryland Poison Center, said he did not know where the snake bite occurred or what the woman was doing at the time — other than she was outdoors and she was bitten on her foot.

Anderson said they posted the information mostly to remind people that Maryland’s venomous snakes are out and about with the warmer weather and that residents should be mindful.

If you need to talk with a poison specialist, call 1-800-222-1222.

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  1. Obfus Cation says:

    Did she die? What’s the deal? What a terribly written and researched news story.

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