By Tracey Leong

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore’s Light City attracts artists from around the globe.

These festivals are popular in other countries and Baltimore is joining the list with their impressive large-scale installations.

The creator of a piece called “Elantica,” a replica of Earth made from solar panels and recycled electronic parts, is from Belgium and has shown his work at festivals all over the world.

Baltimore has been transformed into a glowing magical playground. New this year, 21 light installations sparkling along the BGE Light Art Walk.

“In Europe, we have sort of light festivals, in various different cities, but I think it’s very nice it’s coming up here, and I think the location here on the harbor waterfront is really wonderful,” Netherlands artist Rombout Frieling said.

The dazzling festivals are a worldwide celebration. They’re popular in various European and Asian countries, and now in the United States, where Baltimore is leading the way.

“You can have very different perspectives on the same thing, and what we see is very much effected by the circumstances, and i think in a city like this, Baltimore you really see that with people of such diverse backgrounds,” Frieling said.

Also from the Netherlands is artist Castor Bours, with his piece “Social Sparkles,” which fills the air with a swarm of colors and interacts with visitors.

“Reacting to the people walking underneath, and once they track you, they start to give light, but also start to move fast in a random way,” Bours said. “This light festival is made for the people of Baltimore, it’s really made for the citizens of the city and other countries there are a lot of light festivals and they are made for tourists.”

The festival runs through Saturday.

As part of WJZ’s community connection, we are proud to be a sponsor of Light City. Find out more about Light City here.

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