BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Two teenagers have been shot to death on Baltimore’s streets–the latest a 16-year-old boy–as the city surpasses 100 murders for the first time this year.

The 16-year-old, who friends told WJZ Investigator Mike Hellgren went by Streetz or Jordan, was shot near a basketball court at the Mary Rodman Recreation Center in the southwest part of the city Tuesday around 8:20 p.m.

They plan a candlelight vigil Monday night at New Era Academy in Cherry Hill where he once attended classes.

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“It’s sad,” said Kim Humphries, whose young son attends Rodman Elementary adjacent to the murder scene. “The victims keep getting younger and younger. I just feel for his family.”

Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa called the violence “unacceptable.” He said the teen was also armed “with a .380” in his pocket and “known to police.” Police also said the teen had drugs on him.

“He’s not a number to us. He’s someone who had a family… Not just his life is lost, but everybody is destroyed behind this,” De Sousa said.

Mayor Catherine Pugh reacted to the murder this morning. “This was not just somebody playing on the basketball court. But let me just say this to you all: No child, no child, no death in this city is acceptable, and we’ve got to get guns out of the hands of our children and we’ve got to get guns out of the hands of those who are carrying illegal guns on our streets,” the mayor said.

Asked how do you get rid of the guns, Pugh replied, “Stop making them.”

Hellgren spoke to a neighbor who says he heard five gunshots. His fiance spotted the shooter running from a cement area at the back side of the rec center.

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Police have yet to make any arrests in that case or the killing of 17-year-old Ray Glasgow III on Saturday near the Perkins Homes on Eden Street.

Glasgow was a standout City College High School athlete–the captain of his lacrosse team.

“It’s just so tragic. He had a bright future,” said his elementary school principal Rhonda Richetta.

Glasgow will be buried this week. The viewing at Baltimore’s Vaughn Greene Funeral Home is set for Friday from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Police say he was not the shooter’s target and are looking for a white Nissan Altima coupe in connection to the murder.

Anyone with information on these unsolved murders can call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7-LOCKUP.

Although it is rare for Baltimore to hit 100 homicides this early in the year, last year the city hit the grim milestone on April 24th.

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  1. Joe Smith says:

    A black criminal kills another black child and there are no protests. If a police officer of any color kills a black criminal there are protests.

    We live in confusing times

  2. Obama made Baltimore worse when he told Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to tell the police to “stand down” when the so called citizens of Baltimore rioted after the arrest and death of Freddie Gray. Then SA Mosby charged 6 police officers for Gray’s death and all cleared. However, before even one trial Stephanie Rawlings-Blake settled with Gray’s family for $6.4 million. Soon after that Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced she would not run for re-election (interesting timing). Mosby should have been fired, but was protected. Obama built this. Sorry folks, but this city run by angry liberal black women has not and is not protecting the children of Baltimore.

  3. Another day in Baltimorgue.

    The city’s morgue coolers overflowing with dead black people.

  4. Stop making guns…..yes that will really help the slums, wont it?
    Its the POLICIES of the Democrats running our cities which create the slums, violence, poor schools, economic segregation and death. Year after year, decade after decade. Oh but there is plenty of money for the abortion mills.
    100 killed in Baltimore alone so far. Thats more murders than in Baghdad!
    Now, add up these deaths from all the Dem city ghettos. Factor in the abortions.

    BLM? Not to a Democrat

    But yes, its a guns fault, some red-necks fault, GOP fault, “n-zis” doing it, Trumps fault, some moldy statue down South, that must be it!
    Dems always blame the misery on others, those in the cities allow their hate to be directed and nothing ever changes.,
    So i say hay, you made your bed, sleep in it.
    Let me live my life how i want, you can continue to live the lives you obviously want. Death and poverty.
    Bury your dead.

  5. “Stop making them”??? How about stop making babies that you don’t want! That you refuse to take responsibility for? That you can’t raise? How about stop making excuses, and start locking up thugs! How about telling the NAACP to the “criminal justice reform” BS, and start demanding longer sentences for gun carrying criminals? That how you protect the folks! That’s how you get “guns off the streets”!!! How about we start caring for the victims before they become victims?

    1. How about telling the NAACP to STOP the “criminal justice reform” BS….

  6. “Asked how do you get rid of the guns, Pugh replied, “Stop making them.” ince we obviously know they ain’t gonna do that, apparently, mayor Pugh wants everyone top know just what a moron she is. . . .

  7. ftomasic1961 says:

    must be all that ‘white oppression’, ‘systemic racism’, and my fave, ‘institutionalized racism’…all three mean the same thing, “let’s not look in the mirror at our own black culture”

  8. John Casey says:

    SORRY, TOUGH LOVE, “Had a bight Future”? In what, Gang Banging? 16yo carrying a gun and drugs. Sorry, he had NO future, at all. Only chance would have been 4 years in a “Boot Camp” for troubled kids, until he learned to think. Not even sure we have them anymore.

  9. Pugh wants to get rid of all guns so that her hominids will not kill each other. I obey laws, don’t randomly shoot the place up. Perhaps we should ban hominids and other tribal groups from having anything more complex than a club. The previous war was North against South, America versus the separatist slave owners. The next will be Red state America versus separatist slave owning violent anti American Blue states. It will be over with quick.

  10. “Stop making them!” Does she mean kids who sell drugs and carry guns?

  11. Horrible. What a slaughter it has become nationwide and we continue to try and blame guns when in fact this is lack of parenting, drugs and gangs. Until we focus on the real problems this will continue and these young lives just don’t matter. Do what you want with guns but these kids deserve a better upbringing and supervision.

  12. Congratulations Baltimore…see what your sanctuary city policies get you…that’s right, nothing you really need.

  13. The kid did not deserve this but he was a school dropout with drugs and a gun in his pocket. You play with fire you get burned. Pray to the family.

  14. Greg Padala says:

    Where is the rioting in Baltimore today? These poor folks aren’t being killed by police or whites. This is black on black crime. Rise up today people of Baltimore, not to riot but to change what is so sadly happening in your neighborhoods by your own neighbors. To quote cartoonist Walt Kelly- “We have meet the enemy and he is us “

  15. Pugh is a focking moron.
    Her IQ < 80

  16. Was in Baltimore many years ago…It was a sheithole even then!

  17. “Anti-racists” say there’s a RACE problem. They say it’ll be solved when non-Whites pour into ALL & ONLY White nations and “assimilate” to get a brown mixture.

    They say only White nations have this RACE problem; they say non-White nations are fine.

    If I object to my own genocide these “anti-racists” say I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  18. Typical liberal knee-jerk responses, take away guns. Cars kill more people than guns, why aren’t they illegal? Obviously it’s the people behind them.

  19. Mayor Pugh must be very proud of Baltimore and the job she is doing. I don’t feel sorry for any of these people when they keep voting people like her into office.

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