By Marty Bass


Rain. A simple one word forecast. Not a good forecast but at least there are no surprises coming our way. The forecast is going according to “the script.” Alerts for flooding and standing water are up for every county in the state through at least tomorrow morning. But the script is being followed, again no surprises.

The questions about the weekend are these. Will we see a bit of a clear out tomorrow afternoon? Will any sun, tomorrow, breed some more showers and thunderstorms? Sunday will we see any thunderstorms in the afternoon? And the list goes on into next week. One thing is for sure, the temperatures are going up and it will be humid this weekend. 75° tomorrow, and 85° on Sunday.

Looking toward next week the weather does appear to be calming down mid-week, but then here comes the holiday weekend, and we will focus on a couple of bumps in the road for that outlook when we speak early next week. Not ducking the issue, I just want to see some more guidance and see how solid of ground that holiday weekend forecast is on.

T.G.I.F. everyone! Ain’t it the truth?!


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