BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Nationwide, police are tackling a new type of gun violence. Hundreds of paintball shootings have been reported in multiple states, and now it’s picking up in Baltimore.

“Guns Down, Paint Balls Up” is a movement that was intended to curb gun violence.

“It started in Atlanta, with a rapper who started putting things on YouTube and Instagram,” said Milwaukee Police Sgt. Melissa Franckowiak.

Police say Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage’s campaign against firearms may have backfired — they’ve linked at least two deaths to paintball wars.

In April, 3-year-old T’Rhigi Diggs was shot while he slept in the back of his mother’s car in Milwaukee. Police say he was killed by a teen who fired a handgun at people shooting paintballs.

“My baby’s really strong, my baby fight for his life almost 45 minutes before the ambulance got there,” said Roshanda Craig, T’Rhigi’s mother.

Weeks later, another death, 19-year-old Zyquarius Bradley who was shot and killed in Greensboro. His body found next to a car covered with paintballs.

Baltimore police say it’s also a concern in the city.

“These guns look real, an officer pulled over a vehicle because they saw a rifle sticking out of the window of a vehicle, and they get up and find out it’s a paintball gun,” said Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith. “It’s something we want to get in front of, and let people know it is illegal, it is something we are taking seriously.”

People caught firing a paintball gun could face disorderly conduct or other criminal charges.

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  1. What Coward’s in the PD (keep that black population down. Let them keep using real guns) This police state !!! You don’t need a c02 pain ball gun!! Just get a nice double barrel blow gun! This is were we are going…

  2. baltimore is a shtthole full of maggots

  3. Jim Thomas says:

    T’Rhigi? Zyquarius?

  4. Stu Pedasso says:

    I was a cop in CA for over 30 years and we used paintball guns for tactical training as well as frangible ammo (that would leave welts if you got hit with them). The paintball guns are harmless so long as you wear goggles to protect your eyes. Of course you have to be smarter than a turnip to know the difference between those and real weapons. Sheesh.

    1. As Stu Pedasso mentioned you need to be smarter than a turnip to tell the difference between a paintball gun and a real gun. Most Baltimore cops are that smart, the majority of the residents are not. I lived 4yrs Baltimore before I left.

  5. Mike Powell says:

    Well, I guess they just have to go back to real guns then …. dumb cops.

  6. Why even worry about what these wild black animals do to one another….Let them kill each other! Who really cares?

  7. Drive Tone says:

    Zyquarius?? T’Rhigi???!! Well, at least they don’t have to suffer a lifetime of job rejection.

  8. Is this an Onion article? When your city has a story line that reads like an Onion article you might have a problem.

  9. Samuel Green says:

    It’s all well and good until maniacs put the paint balls in their freezer, and then it turns into a dangerous weapon. They need to fill the balls with a safe non freezable liquid.

    PS, Paintballs hurt like hell even when not frozen.

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