ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Warmer temperatures means that it’s not uncommon to come across some slithery creatures in Maryland.

Most of the snakes found in Maryland are not venomous — like the Northern brown snakes, rat snakes and garter snakes.

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But there are two types of venomous snakes in Maryland — the Northern copperhead and the Timber rattlesnake.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife and Heritage Services offers tips on how to identify them:

In Maryland, venomous snakes have slit-like pupils, and extra sensory pit on either side of their head and a diamond-shape head that is much larger than the rest of its body.

DNR says some non-venomous snakes will try to mimic venomous ones by puffing out their heads to look bigger.

Northern copperheads have dark-colored crossbands shaped like an hourglass.

northerncopperhead7113 How To Identify Marylands Venomous Snakes

Courtesy: Virginia Herpetological Society

Young copperheads have a neon yellow tail used to attract food.

Virginia Herpetological Society offers a copperhead test to help residents identify a copperhead snake, if found.

Timber rattlesnakes are the only snake in Maryland with a rattle.

It has a triangular head with facial “pits” between its eyes and nostril.

There are two colors — one that’s yellow with dark brown or black chevrons and the other that’s black with a black head and black chevrons.

DNR has a more complete guide on snakes in Maryland here.

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